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This is why you’re single
August 23rd, 2022

Salem Black

I’ve only had my students for two days and their personalities are already starting to show.

I have my crazy kids, my quiet kids, my know-it-alls, and what I like to call my ‘normal kids’ they are just as special as the others however they don’t fit into any of those categories.

Right now school had began an hour ago. The kids and I had breakfast then our morning meeting. After that I had them sit at their tables to practice their handwriting. It’s good for the most part but I know with a little more practice they will be able to do better.

That’s the type of teacher I am. If I see something I don’t like I’m going to do everything I possibly can to change it to something I like.

All teachers should be like this but unfortunately they aren’t and they give teachers like me a bad rep.

As I walked around the classroom observing the tables I noticed a few things that needs to be fixed.

“Hey, December, your e’s are backwards babe.” I whispered.

“Oh.” The girl frowned.

“It’s okay! Just make sure- do you know your left from your right?”

She gave me a small nod

“Good. Just make sure your ‘e’ is facing the right side.

I had her try it again and this time she had it right. Good for her.

I walked around some more helping whoever needed help. After that it was time for special. They had art this morning which made a good chunk of them excited. I love seeing this as a teacher. Watching your students get excited about being able to express their creativity will always pull at the heart strings.

Its truly a heart warming sight.

“Alright put your pencils in your desk and open up your ears. We’re going to go to the art room for the first time so listen carefully. I need numbers one to thirteen to line up. That would be..Halo, Melody, December, Logan, Charlie, Rhodes, Valentine, Elliot, Avarice, Rowan, Ivory, Vera, and Cassidy.”

All thirteen of them got up and shuffled over to the door. I didn’t have time to creat jobs so my line leader would be Halo since she’s number one. I’m hoping to get it done by the end of the week so that next week they could apply.

“Alright now fourteen to twenty two line up. If you aren’t sure fourteen to twenty two is Violet, Mika, Isla, Esme, Atticus, Noah, Xavier, Hayden, and Rylee.”

The others got in line and I grabbed my behavior stick. All it was, was a yard stick with clothes pins on it. On the clothes pins were the names and the yard stick itself was just a yard stick with different colors. Each color stood for something different.

At the bottom was red which meant their having a bad day and I would contact their parents. Then there was orange which meant they aren’t having the best day and if they didn’t get it together we were going to have some issues. Then there was yellow which is a warning. Green was the default color. Blue meant they were having a good day, purple meant they were having a great day, and white meant they were having an outstanding day.

I love white.

I dropped the kids off at the art room and went back to the class room to set up the next activity. It was something simple; just more handwriting practice however this time I chose to make it fun.

I brought twenty two plastic trays and five bottles of shaving cream from dollar tree. I walked around the class and placed two bottles and four trays on each table. One table obviously had an extra considering I had an odd number of students.

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