Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 8

So he’s not your Husband?
September 9th, 2022

Salem Black

“Cassidy, is your poster done?” I asked the little girl.

She shook her head ‘no’ causing me to give her a look, “So why are chatting like it is? Actually- nobody should really be talking unless I have a poster with their name on it, and so far I only have three.”

Today was Friday. The day I’ve been dreading. Don’t get me wrong, I’m excited to meet my students’ parents, I just want to go home. I don’t know what the cafeteria put in their lunches today, but my kids were a mess.

Not a big fan to be honest.

“Rylee, you’re done. Can you run this to your mom?”


Raven had texted me to print her out some papers because her printer was “being a silly goose”. I didn’t want to leave the kids unattended so I just asked Rylee to give his mom the papers.

I gave the boy the papers and scrolled through my phone.

“Miss Black?” I heard a voice call.

“Yes, Isla?”

“Can I go to the bathroom?”

“Are you done?”


“Good God”, I mumbled, “Be quick so you can finish.”

The seven year old nodded as she grabbed the pass and scurried out of the classroom.

Charlie, Atticus, and Vera all walked up to my desk at the same time to give me their posters. Now I had six.

Soon enough I ended up with twenty. I have twenty two students so the math doesn’t make sense. After going through all of them I realized I was missing Valentine and Isla’s posters. They spent most of their time talking so they’re going to be the ones to explain to their parents why their posters aren’t completed.

I might have to switch their seats…nah, that’s too much work. Plus, I’d rather them be next to each other and talking than them yelling across my classroom.

I myself don’t even yell, so why would I allow them to?

“Alright that’s all we have time for. Go grab your book bags and come back to your seats quickly and quietly. If your poster isn’t completed that’s your fault, not mine because I gave you more than enough time to start and finish it.”

“Good evening, everyone.” Principal Weathers spoke into the microphone, “I am Principal Weathers if you didn’t know. Tonight is a night you won’t forget! Your children have been working very hard these past couple of weeks and now you’re getting a chance to see that. If you follow your child’s teacher they’ll lead you to their classroom and they’ll take it from there!”

I made sure I had all twenty of my students and all of my parents before leading them to my room. I was a good five doors down from the auditorium so it didn’t take us long to get there.

I had moved the desks out of the way along with the chairs so that we had more than enough room to move around. My class wasn’t the smallest, but it wasn’t the biggest either.

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