Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 26

He said what?
November 10th, 2022
Salem Black

Another day of pretending like I didn’t get my heart broken by one of my student’s mother. My animals are definitely starting to notice my mood switch. Binx, who hates cuddling, climbed into bed and started cuddling me. She absolutely hates cuddling so I knew she knew.

The first time I tried to cuddle her she hissed at me then scratched the fuck out of my arm. It was so bad I had to get a tetanus shot. She’s obviously isn’t like that anymore (thank God) and I’m forever grateful.

The issue about today was that I had to leave work early so that me, Ashley, and Harlow could plan Raven and Lilian’s joint gender reveal. Ashley necessarily shouldn’t be there because one of the babies are hers but it’s fine. She really wanted to be apart of it so who am I to stop her?

It was currently seven fifty-two. I was waiting in the cafeteria for my kids. I had about sixteen out of twenty-two. Noah’s late and he’s never late which adds to my ‘somethings going on at home’ theory. I haven’t reported anything yet because I didn’t have any evidence.

I’m truly worried for that little boy.

“Miss Black?”


“Ms. Weathers said we can leave now,” she giggled, “you started day dreaming.”

I don’t even remember zoning out but I guess I did.

“Line up then!” I chuckled.

The kids grabbed their bags and scurried to make a line. They were even in number order without me needing to say anything. Do they know there’s something wrong too?

We got to the classroom and everyone put their things away and then went to their seats.

Today was going to be a very chill day. Because I was leaving early I wasn’t going to be able to do what I planned. I put everything the sub would need in my sub binder so there was no confusion.

“Alright the question of the day is on the board. Start answering it. Once you’re done, you’re going to put your home folder in the bin and wait for the rest of your classmates to finish.”

I learned to say ‘classmates’ or ‘peers’ instead of friends because even though the kids are young, they know who they consider a friend. I’m not going to force everyone to be friends if they don’t want to and by calling everyone their friends it’s probably confusing for them.

I had a little girl in my class a couple years ago. Her name was Kali. Kali swore she only had one friend and hated when I called someone else her friend. She would always correct me and say the person was her classmate. She’s one of the reasons I made the switch.

I went over to my desk and pulled out my phone so I could text Ashley about our plans for today. This was her only off day this week which is why we’re planning today. Being a doctor sounds so tiring. I don’t know how she does it.

Ashy Knees 🫶🏾

Salem, we’ve
talked about


But it’s your


nickname ☹️

What’s up?

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