Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 20

Stress relieving sex

October 3rd, 2022
Salem Black

Halo’s fine ass momma 😋
Is everything ok?
I didn’t see you
this morning

Nope. I won’t be

back til Wednesday

Beast ate

chocolate. He had

surgery yesterday so

I have to stay home

to take care of him
What the fuck?!
How did he get
access to chocolate
in the first place?

One of the

interns at the

daycare was eating

chocolate cake whilst

sitting with the dogs
Im on my way.

Excuse me?
Im on my way. See

you in a few.

Harlow, no. You

work today.
Ok? Reggie

doesn’t give a

flying soaring

fuck anymore. Im a

manager now,


So? You still

need to go to work
Do you not want

to see me?

I do! I do.
Exactly. See you in
a little bit.
Of course I want to see her; what kind of question is that? I’m just severely stressed. My dog, whom I’ve had for years almost died because people can follow simple rules.

I got up from the couch to go and check on him. He and Binx share a room but Binx was with my mom so I didn’t have to worry about her. That’s one of the only times I’m talking to my mom; whenever I need her to watch one of my animals.

I think she’s loves them more than she loves me so she’s more than okay with it.

“Beastie Boy?” I called. I kept my voice low because I didn’t want to startle him.

He didn’t even perk up at the sound of my voice like he usually does. That’s how I know it’s bad.

“I’ll be right back. Hold on.”

I ran out of the room and went to my office to grab the scary ass cat stuffed animal Harlow bought me. It looks a little like Binx so I’m hoping Beast likes it. He and Binx are best friends!

People like to think cats and dogs hate each other but it’s really the opposite. My children love each other.

“Beast, look!”

This time I caught his attention. He quickly whipped his head around to see what I wanted. I could tell seeing the toy made him feel better because I could see his eyes light up.

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