Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 24

November 9th, 2022
Salem Black

I haven’t spoken to Harlow in two days. I haven’t talked to anyone for that matter. The only people I’ve spoken to were the kids.

I tried not to let my emotions affect my teaching and I’d say I’ve done a great job. Nobody has noticed- and if they have they haven’t said anything.

Halo has been giving me some odd looks but it’s whatever. I truly don’t care.

I was currently sitting in my classroom setting up this activity I had planned. We were going on thanksgiving break soon. Soon being two weeks so I had most- if not all my lesson plans based around turkeys, and pilgrims, and the whole shebang. I’m excited. I love thanksgiving! Before I stopped talking to my mom often I would go to her house and then we’d go to her parents house.

That stopped so I started spending thanksgiving with Raven and Ashley’s family.

I didn’t mind it and while I did miss my family a little bit, they made it clear they didn’t care about me because they never made an effort to reach out.

There was a soft knock at my door. Knowing it was Raven, I didn’t give a response.

“I’m gonna go to Ash’s office for lunch. I was gonna run to McDonald’s before I went did you want to come?” She asked softly.

I shook my head no.

“Ok well did you want me to get you anything?” She continued.

I, again, shook my head no.

“Salem, you can’t do this. I understand you’re heartbroken but you not speaking to anybody but a bunch of seven year olds won’t solve anything.”

I squinted my eyes and gave her a look that said “Don’t tell me how to live my life”. She threw her hands up in surrender and walked back out.

Raven is a damn hypocrite. She’s telling me what I’m doing is wrong but she ran away for a week while we were in college because Ashley asked her for a break. She shouldn’t be trying to give anyone advice on what should and shouldn’t be done.

I needed to pick up my kids from Art so I put the finishing touches on the room, grabbed the behavior stick, and headed for the art room.

Once I got there the kids were already lined up and waiting for me at the door. I wore a proud smile as I asked Mr. Janowski how they were.

“They were absolutely amazing today. I’m not sure what you told them but I didn’t have any issues.” He told me. I could tell he was just as proud as I was.

“I haven’t told them anything!” I giggled, “That’s one group dojo point. What do you say to Mr.J?”

“Thank you, Mr Janowski!” The kids sang.

“My pleasure!”

As we walked back to the classroom I gave out lots of praises to the kids. They even earned themselves another dojo point for their behavior in the hallway.

Usually I have to remind them that other students are learning but today they were silent. I don’t know if they can tell that I’m not doing well but they are making my job ten times easier.

Once we got back in the room they collectively let out loud gasps. I didn’t tell them about my plans so this was a big surprise.

“You did this, Miss Black?” Xavier asked, his mouth wide open.

“I did.” I nodded, “Who else would?”

“Rylee’s mom.” Esme answered, “You’re kinda lazy sometimes.”

“You know what- everybody take a seat and stop talking. Especially you, Gums.”

She giggled before skipping over to her seat.

Once everyone was situated I started my lesson.

“Who can tell me the Holiday that’s coming up?”

Lots of hands went up and when this happens I like to pull out my dear friend, Wheel of names. This way nobody can say I ignored them.

I learned that two years ago. The fourth graders I taught swore up and down I had favorites. They were wrong; I disliked them all the same. That was probably the worst class I ever had.

“Go ahead, Noah.”

“There’s two.” He said.

“There is two but based on the decorations which holiday do you think it is?”

He’s so technical…


“Good job! Thanksgiving is coming up hence the decorations. For the next two weeks all of our activities and lessons will be thanksgiving themed. For today you are going to get a little pamphlet. In the pamphlet you’re going to tell me what your family does to celebrate. I want you to be as creative as possible. After that we’ll move on to math. We will be doing stations today so make sure you have everything you need.” I explained.

The kids love stations. I don’t do them that often because they like to take advantage of it. If they’re not at the table with me they like to treat the classroom like a playroom.

I usually cut their recess short because they spent the time in the classroom when they weren’t supposed to.

Especially Rylee. He acts like his mother isn’t a couple doors down.

“I need my delivery people to come up and help me.”


Today actually went very well. Everyone got white stars and that’s a rare occurrence.

The first thing I noticed when the kids and I got to the cafeteria was Harlow wasn’t here. Instead there was Jason and Lilian.

Lilian came over and gave me a small hug. I assume she’s aware of the situation with me and her best friend.

I really wanted to ask her a question but that was going to cause an issue with my line. Instead, I made a mental note to text her later.

“Good afternoon, Miss Black.” Jason smiled.

“Jason.” I nodded.

“Were the kids good today? They were promised frozen yogurt if they had a good day at school.”

“They were great! Both of them have white stars.” I told him.

“Wonderful. Atticus’ dad might be picking both of them up tomorrow.”

Well that’s great. At least I don’t have to face Jason for a day. He’s been too happy ever since he told me about he and Harlow.

After everyone was gone I went back up to my room with Rylee. Raven still had a couple kids left over so she followed behind me shortly after.

Rylee left my room to go be with his mom but he returned a few minutes later his hands tangled with one of Raven’s students.

“Hey, Kash.” I smiled at the little girl.

“Hi, Miss black.” She smiled back.

Kashmira is probably one of the most extroverted people I’ve ever met. She comes up to me during recess. We chit chat for a while before she runs off to go play with her twelve million friends.

I didn’t mind the two of them being in my room I’m just trying to figure out when my room became the hangout spot…

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