Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 14

And if it is?
September 21st, 2022
Harlow Hanes

Ah, yes. Wednesday; my used-to-be favorite day of the week. The diner was pretty chill today considering it’s Wednesday. Where’s all the old bingo playing people?

There was at least ten people in my section so my shift was pretty short and because it was slow my tips were looking rough.

Before I clocked out I made sure to tell Catalina she was taking my section along with hers. She wasn’t a big fan of that but I couldn’t care less. This’ll help her work on her attitude problem. These people come here to eat and have fun, not let a teenager get smart with them and call them names!

I said goodbye to all the cooks, the rest of the servers, Reggie, who was upset that I was leaving early, and lastly Lilian, who sent a wink as I grabbed my jacket.

“It’s a meeting!” I told her.

“No it isn’t!” She replied, “Wear the outfit I picked out and get laid, mama!”

“Good lord have mercy,” I laughed.

When I arrived home the back door was open which told me JJ was in the backyard shooting hoops.

“JJ!” I called as I walked to where he was.

“What’s up, Shorty?” He asked whilst throwing the basketball into the basket.

I sent him a glare and he apologized per usual.

“I’m about to get ready. Don’t forget you’re taking Halo to your parents’ house when you pick her up.”

“I still don’t understand why but okay I guess.” He shrugged, dribbling the ball.

“I have a meeting with Miss Black. I told you that.”

“You’re not a single parent, Harlow, and we all know that. We may not be together, but I’m not a deadbeat. You and I know that.”

“I don’t want to do this with you right now, Jason.”

“Oh, so Im ‘Jason’ now?” He scoffed, “Go ahead and get ready for your little date. I’ll take my daughter out.”

As I said, I didn’t want to argue with him so I didn’t. I left him to get in the shower and get myself together.

I did my hair and makeup and once it was time to get dressed I was frozen. I never looked at the outfit Lilian had picked out until now. She said it was a surprise. I hate surprises!

Besides Halo. Halo was a surprise but I love my daughter with all my heart so it’s okay.

But anyways I immediately texted her and told her what she did was wrong. P

Colonizers 😔

Finnegan, on a

scale of 1-10 how

much would you

say you love your




That’s truly


because I’m

about to kill her





Silly Lilly

I didn’t even do

anything 🙄

You know exactly

what you did! I can’t

go out to a meeting

like this, Lilian. My ass

cheeks and boobs are

hanging out!

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