Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 9

He’s not my husband, he’s not even my boyfriend

September 9th, 2022

Harlow Hanes

“Reggie, please! If I don’t leave within the next…thirty to forty-five minutes, I’m gonna be late for my kid’s school function thingy.” I pleaded.

“You started working here before your kid was born, correct!” Reggie asked. I nodded in response.

“Right. And because of that this building is your first born. Nobody told you to be bussin’ it down in twenty-fifteen.” He shrugged.

“First off all, none of that makes sense- and two, my “first born” is an actual building. I think she’ll be okay.”

“It does, you’re just stupid,” Reggie said, rolling his eyes dramatically, “I’ll let you go after you wait the rest of your tables and find someone to cover the rest of your shift.”

“Yes!” I cheered, jumping up to kiss the man’s cheek.

I started working at Reggie’s grill and grub since I was fourteen so I’ve known Reggie for quite a while. He’s a great guy but he’s serious about his money. He takes no shit from anybody and I love that about him. He’s been like a father figure since mine decided to disown me after he found out I was pregnant with Halo.

Reggie let me crash at his place until JJ and I scrapped up enough money to rent an apartment. It was small, but it was just for us so it didn’t matter.

My issue now is that I needed to find someone to cover for me luckily I knew just the person.

As I made my way back to the break room I thought about what would’ve happened if Reggie told me “no”. I knew he wouldn’t have but hypothetically speaking I knew Halo would be crushed. That and JJ probably would’ve came up here and caused a scene.

“Yo, Andy, you’re covering the rest of my shift. I have to go be a parent to my kid.” I told the boy.


“If you can “huh?” You can hear. You. Are. Covering. The. Rest. Of. My. Shift.”


“Aht. I still haven’t told Reggie about your little incident a few weeks ago but I can.”

“No it’s okay,” Andy smiled awkwardly, “I can do it.”

“That’s what I thought.”I smirked. I love blackmail.

Grownups!Kind of…We Have Kids

Holy fuck!

We’re gonna

be late



I blame Fin tbh


I didn’t do anything?!

I had to

beg Reggie to let

me leave early! I

can’t leave until I

finish my tables.

I have 4 left 😐
Silly Lilly

You should’ve

called off like I


Then they would’ve

been understaffed

and you know how

Reggie gets when

we’re understaffed

Well what are

you gonna do?

I’m forcing the

racist kid to cover

the rest of the shift

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