Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 13

…Oh bitch…
September 19th, 2022
Harlow Hanes

I stared at my laptop screen for a good three minutes. I’ve been reading the email on my screen over and over again for three minutes. I eventually picked my jaw up off the floor and immediately called Lilian. Whenever something like this occurs my first thought is to always call Lilian.

I can’t call my parents because those racist fuckers cut me off. Because my boyfriend was black!

Outgoing call to ‘Silly Lilly’

Hello, my dear, how May I be of service?

Ok so I went on my laptop to check the schedule and i opened my email and guess what my most recent email was…
You know I hate guessing games.

Bitch, just guess!
Dick pics?

Pussy pics?

I give up!

It’s an email-
No shit, Sherlock

Hush! It’s from Salem fucking Black
‘Salem fucking Black’ as in our kids’ teacher ‘Salem fucking Black’?

Yes! Holy shit!
Holy shit indeed. What does it say?

I’ll forward it to you.
I just got it…oh bitch…

She’s asking you on a date…

Are we reading the same email?
Don’t play dumb, Harlow. A blind person could see this is a date invitation.

Nah, you’re delusioness is staring to take over
‘Delusioness’ isn’t a word, Dumbass.

You know what I mean. Anyways I gotta reply to this email and then go on a damn scavenger hunt for this pre-workout powder for JJ.
I don’t know why you’re doing anything for him after that hissy fit he threw.

It was a one time thing! Plus, we talked about it.
Fucking and talking are two different things…

Bye Lilian!
I love you-

Call ended

JJ came home three hours after he “stormed out”. When he came back we had a chitchat about his feelings and that led to sex.

We really have to work on our communication…

But anyways as I typed out my response I seen a part of the email that confused the hell out of me. It said bringing JJ would be “unnecessary”. Why would she only want to meet with me if Halo has two parents? Maybe it is a date…isn’t that against the rules?

What a world we live in…

Moving on I re-read the email on my phone while I was in Walmart. With today being Monday she asked for us to meet on Wednesday. That means I’d have to call out and Reggie hates when we call out.

I re-read what I sent and then unsent it and edited a few things. I seemed nervous and even though I was, Salem didn’t need to know that!

She immediately replied causing me to blush. She replies quick, I like that.

I appreciate you agreeing to meet with me! I shall see you Wednesday at five-thirty. Now, you enjoy the rest of your day, Miss Hanes.

I typed out a simple ‘No problem, I’ll be there” and sent it to the woman. I then went to the checkout and went home.

I threw the pre-workout at JJ causing him to look at me confused.

“The fuck was that for?”

“I don’t know,” I shrugged, “I gotta go get ready for work though.”

“So you threw it at me?”

“Dude, I literally just said “I don’t know” did you not understand that?” I replied.

“What did I say about calling me ‘dude’, Harlow? Somebody isn’t using their listening ears.” JJ began approaching me slowly.

I already knew where this was gonna go…

“Oops…we’ll I guess a bad girl like me should be punished…” I smirked.

JJ sent me a wink and nodded his head towards the stairs.

I ran and he shortly followed. He gave my ass a slap as we jogged up the stairs. Moments like this one make me regret getting a three story house.


“You’re late, Harlow.” Reggie glared.

“I know,” I said, pulling my hair into a high ponytail.

“And you smell crazy.”

“Damnit, JJ.” I mumbled, hoping Reggie didn’t notice.

I went to the back to clock in and as I was doing so Lilian came up behind me.

“Holy shit.” She laughed, “And I thought me and Fin were bad.”

“Girl, hush!”

“You came here looking…like that! Don’t tell me to “hush” when your appearance is louder than my voice!” Lilian said, throwing her hands up in surrender.

“Okay, whatever,” I sighed, “Who was covering my tables?”

“Well you have a pretty full section so it’s been me, Andy, and Catalina. They got that girl stressed!”

Catalina is our youngest worker; only fifteen years old. Reggie was desperate for workers so he started hiring a lot of minors which is why Andy, Cat, and Diego are here in the first place.

Andy might be racist, Diego’s English isn’t the best, and Catalina has a small attitude problem. I had to learn that the hard way. Reggie made sure I was the one to train them though I’m still not sure why.

They move pretty quick but they need to work on their customer service. They always come

up to me after they clocked out to complain about only having ten dollars as their tips for the day. I told them they need to work on their customer service skills but when does anyone ever listen to Harlow?

Never. And that’s why their lives are shitty!

“Oh Reginald!” Lilian sang, “You can stop with the child labor now! Our lord and savior is here.”

One of the cooks, Raphael, yelled at Lilian and told her to “shut the hell up” which made her grab at her heart dramatically.

“Raphi, no!” She cried, “You’re hurting my heart.”

Good lord have mercy…

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