Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 10

September 12th, 2022

Salem Black

Rylee Fan Club

Why did you

feel as though

a text was the

best way to relay

this information

to me, Raven?
Ashy Knees 🫢🏾

I told her not

to! We were

gonna do it

tomorrow in


Bird Bitch

I’m sorry! I

couldn’t keep

the secret any


The seven year old

kept the secret

longer that you!

Aren’t you embarrassed
Bird Bitch


I’m not. I feel

great actually

Ashy Knees 🫢🏾

Baby, what you

did was stupid.

You shouldn’t

feel “great”

You loved “Baby, what you did was stupid. You shouldn’t feel “great”

Im not even

surprised to be

honest. She could

never keep a secret
Bird Bitch

Alright I’m starting

to feel personally

attacked so let’s

cut this out

Ashy knees 🫢🏾

You should

I gotta go pick

up my kids from

music. Ray, this

conversation isn’t

over !!!
Bird Bitch

This is bullying πŸ˜”

Ashy Knees 🫢🏾

Go be a teacher.


Bird Bitch

Aye aye captain 🫑

I’ve known Raven since I was eighteen years old. Fresh out of high school eighteen years old so I’d like to think I’ve known her long enough to know what her strengths and weaknesses are.

Her biggest strength is her communication skills and her biggest weakness is definitely not being able to keep a secret.

I turned my phone off, grabbed my behavior stick and left to the music room. I’d say it was pretty far from the classroom but I just like to use it as my workout for the day.

Once I got to said music room I was met with a tired looking music teacher and a set of energetic children. At least I know they’ll be ready to learn.

“How were they today, Mrs. Brody?” I asked, raising an eyebrow in her direction.

“Behavior wise they were great! Lots of energy.” She beamed.

“That’s wonderful! Everyone line up. You have a good day, Gloria.” I smiled.

“You as well, Miss Black.”

As we took the journey back to the classroom I was noticing how some of them were a little to energetic. Maybe them having this much energy wasn’t a good thing.

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