Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 36

Epilogue (7/19/2023)
May 21st, 2023

Harlow Hanes

These past five months have been unforgettable. I was extremely happy which was new. I’ve been through so much but here I am, living my best life. It feels good.

Salem moved in along with Binx and Beast and I couldn’t be happier. We’re working on selling her house but nobody has called. Halo’s been doing well too. She hasn’t talked about her dad as much which made me feel terrible. She was truly a daddy’s girl but he ruined that.

I don’t blame myself anymore. What he did wasn’t my fault. He did that on his own accord and now he’s sitting in jail. He only got five years but that’s okay. As soon as he gets out me and Salem agreed to relocate. We wouldn’t go too far considering our family is here, but we’re going far enough.

Right now, the three of us were sitting at the table eating dinner. I made us some homemade chipotle bowls because we wanted it. However, Chipotle is expensive so I’m always going to find a way to be cheap. It was actually really good so go me. Halo’s bowl was damn near gone and Salem was barely eating hers. She had a bad argument with her mom earlier causing her mood to change drastically.

I think she’s officially going to cut all ties to her mother. It was bound to happen though so I wasn’t surprised. I knew she was hurt so I was giving her as much space as I could.

After dinner I gave Halo a bath and then Salem and I showered together. It almost led to something else until Halo came in holding my phone.

She’s such a cock block.

Incoming call from’Silly Lilly’

Hey girl…

What’s up?

Oh nothing…I mean my water just broke and my contractions are like five minutes apart, but you know I’m just chilling. Is that water I hear? Yes, girl, get you some shower cooch!

Lilian, I swear to god- get to the hospital. We’ll meet you there.

Cool. See you soon Pookie!

Call ended

Me and Salem shared a look before groaning loudly. I was never going to have sex! Now I’m mad.

“‘Momma, your phone was ringing too,” Halo

shrugged, “Aunt Raven said her water broke too and that her and Aunt Ashley were at the hospital already.”

Salem and I shared the same look a second time before hopping out of the shower to throw some clothes on. How crazy is that? They go into labor on the same day, at the same time. Woohoo!

We got Halo dressed and then hopped into Salem’s car so we could head to the hospital. We got checked in and then went to the rooms. We went to Raven first since she was there longer.

“Hey!” Raven yelled, “These drugs they gave me strong as fuck! I can’t feel shit!”

“Baby, we just talked about this. You have to stop.” Ashley sighed.

Rylee was laying down in her lap sleeping. I don’t know how considering his mother is literally screaming at the top of her lungs.

“How dilated is she?” Salem asked.

“Last time I checked she was at eight.” Ashley answered, “she might be at nine now, I’m not sure. I have to wait for the doctor to come back before I check again.”

“They let you do it?” I gasped.

“They had to,” she sighed, “Raven said- and I quote “If your name isn’t Ashley Nicole McNight, your hands should not be up in my cooter cat. I only like the way her fingers feel.” I swear to you they started dying.”

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