Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 35

They found him
January 3rd, 2023
Harlow Hanes

“Are you sure y’all are going to be okay? I can stay home. Reggie said if I need to take more days off I can.”

“No, Baby, we’re gonna be okay. Go to work.” Salem assured before pressing multiple losses to my lips.


“Mommy,” Halo groaned, “We’re gonna be okay! We have Beast and Binx to protect us. Right, momma?”

“Right.” Salem smiled.

I’m still getting used to this whole Halo calling Salem “momma” thing but Salem isn’t freaking out. The day she said it I didn’t know what to do. I expected Salem to leave but she didn’t. I’m happy she wasn’t uncomfortable. Halo and I really like her.

“Okay, okay,” I laughed, “I’m going.”

I gave Halo a kiss on her head and then gave Salem another kiss.

I grabbed my keys off the hook and then got into the car. I sent Reggie a text letting him know that I was on my way.

Reginald 😒

I’m on my way

Okay? Am

I supposed to


I’m so tired of you

it’s not even funny
Then take a

fucking nap!!!

Get your ass

here so I can

send Steph


Oh so you can

send her home

but not me?
Girl- I just gave

you like a month


That’s not the

point 🙄
Just hurry up

and get here

The drive to the restaurant wasn’t too bad. When I got there Steph was leaving and Reggie was in the front giving customers take out orders. Andy is usually doing this so I was confused.

“Where’s Lil’ Racist?” I asked.

“Somebody didn’t read the schedule.” Reggie sang.

“I was busy!” I defended.

“Go clock in, Harlow.” He laughed.

I wanted to give him the finger but there was customers present so I couldn’t. I walked to my office and then went to clock in. Diego was washing his hands so I had to wait until he was done.

“Hola, Harlow!” He smiled.

“Hey, D,” I said, “You doing okay?”

“Sí.” He nodded, “Am I in your way?”

“You’re good. Take your time.”


“Harlow,” Cat whined, “Can I go on break now? Jazz just came back.”

“Cat, you’re too old to be whining like that.” Lilian laughed, shaking her head as she walked into my office.

“My feet hurt though.” The teen frowned.

“So do mine,” Lilian shrugged, “You don’t see me complaining- and I’m pregnant.”

“Girl, you were just complaining about your feet being too fat to fit into your shoes comfortably.” I pointed out.

“Can you not?”

“Cat, go on break. Make sure you actually clock out this time.”

She teen left my office skipping. I can’t tell her feet hurt…

“Why are you in here? Go do you job.” I turned my attention to my best friend.

“My section is clear for the most part. Plus Reggie told me to “sit my big ass down” because I was in his way.” She replied.

“That didn’t mean come to me.”

“If you don’t love me anymore just say that!” She cried.

“I’m not doing this with you.” I groaned.

After about ten minutes Lilian went back out into the restaurant because some people were being seated. I could finally get some work done. We were having trouble putting one of the new hires into the system. It’s been weeks and we were still having trouble. I told Reggie this multiple times but he made no effort to fix the issue. He’s so lazy.

My phone began to ring so I quickly picked it up hoping it was Salem. It wasn’t.

Incoming call from ‘Mama Jo <3’


Harlow, Baby, they found him.

Really? Are you sure? Are they sure?

Positive. They sent me a picture and everything. That means you need to take your ass down to the station so you can press charges on his ass. They put him in for assault charges but if you explain everything that happened there’s a chance he could go in for attempted murder.

What if they count it as self defense?

Apparently he attacked the officer that cuffed him. I doubt they’ll be nice to him.

Oh okay. I go in after my shift.

Good. Now how are things with Salem?

Great actually. I can’t wait for you to meet her in person. You’re gonna love her so much.

…I’m proud of you, Harlow. You went through a lot of shit- and you put her through at lot of shit but here you are. Standing at the top.

Thanks, Jo. I love you.

I love you too, Baby. I’m gonna let you finish doing your job, I just wanted you to know.

Thanks for calling!

Of course. Bye bye.


Call ended

This is the best news I’ve received in a long time. I no longer have to fear for me or my child’s life. He’s in custody so he can’t hurt us anymore.

For the first time in forever, I can actually sleep peacefully.

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