Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 4

August 24th, 2022

Harlow Hanes

Wednesdays used to be my favorite day of the week. My baby was born on a Wednesday, I was born on a Wednesday. Wednesdays are great! Wednesdays used to be my favorite day of the week until I started working at a diner.

For some odd reason old people collectively chose Wednesday to come in and pluck my nerves. They all come in after bingo and have these bizarre ass orders. Who the fuck wants an egg omelette without the egg whites? Gertrude does. Gertrude wants an egg omelette without the egg whites.

The amount of smoke breaks I take on Wednesdays are something deadly. The only good thing about this specific Wednesday is that Jason comes home. They won their game and now Jason is on his way back right now.

He’s going to pick Halo and Atticus up early from school and we’re gonna go out to celebrate.

As I was wiping down a table I could see Valerie, another coworker of mine, running towards me.

“We’re having a small issue over at table four.”

“Good god.” I huffed.

I allowed Valerie to lead me towards “the issue” and when I got there I was less than surprised.

“Fredrick, what’s going on?” I asked.

Fredrick was a regular, and probably the only old man I liked seeing on Wednesdays. He never complains about anything so I knew this was something serious.

“This boy,” Fredrick pointed, “Wouldn’t give me any extra cream for my coffee.”

I looked at the new hire. He was only sixteen and new but him denying Fredrick cream wasn’t that serious so why is my assistance needed?

“Right…so why exactly am I over here? I have tables to clean.”

“That’s not all! He told me to “shut my black ass up and drink the damn coffee the way it is.” I don’t like black coffee, Harlow. You know this.” Fred explained.

I could’ve swore my neck cracked the way my head turned. There’s a certain way we treat our customers here and this wasn’t the way. Whether he’s new or not he should know that what he said was wrong in so many ways.

“Val, get Fred some more cream. Andy, my boy. Follow me. Now!” I spoke through gritted teeth.

I walked with the teenager to the break room. He looked scared. He should be.

“Take a seat and don’t talk unless I say so.” I began, “You are sixteen years old, Andy. You’re not a child. I have a seven year old- she’s less than half your age and she knows you shouldn’t talk to people like that! What the fuck possessed you to say that? Don’t answer it, it’s rhetorical. You should know better. After this talk you’re going to go out there, apologize sincerely, and then you’re going to clock out. I may not be a manager right now but I’m ninety-nine percent sure that if Reggie heard you say that shit you would’ve been fired. Get the fuck out of my face.”

I angry. No- not angry. I’m livid. Fredrick is entirely too nice so nobody should be speaking to him that way.

I hope Fredrick reports him.


“First of all, Atticus, I’m not old,” JJ rolled his eyes at the young boy, “I’m just…”

“Old. It’s okay daddy, mommy and Lilian are old too.” Halo had cut off her father’s explanation causing him to grab at his heart playfully.

“Out of all people, I would’ve thought you’d be the one to defend me not the help these people!” He gasped.

I pretended not to be offended at my daughter’s words and continued my conversation with Lilian who was also offended.

“These kids man…I’m not even thirty yet and I’m old? Un-fucking-believable.” She said.

She was right though. We aren’t old we’re just older than them. I hope their teacher tells them that.

We continued to eat and talk for another hour before we decided to head to Chuck E. Cheese. I knew the kids were going to enjoy it more than we were even though today wasn’t about them.

“I’m a grown ass man watching kids play games at Chuck E. Cheese. I look like a fucking predator, man. JJ complained, “Can we go home?”

“I’m with JJ. I’m ready to go.” Lilian agreed.

We’ve only been here for an hour and they’re already bitching. They could at least pretend they’re enjoying themselves- though now I realize how that would be weird.

Grown adults smiling at random children is creepy as hell which made me think about someone doing to our kids so I grabbed the kids and we headed home.

Well Halo, JJ, and I went home; Lilian and Atticus went to pick up Lilian’s boyfriend Fin.

Fin was a nice guy overall. He was good to Lilian and Atticus and that’s what’s important.

Lilian deserves everything good that comes to her so I’ll be damned if I let some weirdo named Finnegan ruin that. Who the hell names their child ‘Finnegan’. Weirdos is who.

“Daddy, can we get some ice cream?” I heard Halo ask.

“Why didn’t you ask mommy?”

“Because she going to say no.”

She’s a smart ass kid.

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