Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 28

She’s awake
November 10th, 2022

Salem Black

After Atticus and Halo went home I had a couple hours left before I had to leave. I really didn’t want to face Harlow right now, but like Ashley said, this isn’t about us.

We were going to have to talk to each other eventually. I’m her daughter’s teacher for Christ’s sake. I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it. For now, I needed to worry about the students I have. They aren’t aware that I’m leaving early, and just like me, a lot of them hate surprises.

“Alrighty,” I spoke, “I am unfortunately leaving early. Your sub will be Miss Hanks, like last time. I expect you all to be on your best behavior- Rhodes that goes for you especially. Any questions?”

Of course they had questions but I really wasn’t in the mood to answer all of them so I answered a few.

“Why are you leaving?” Noah asked.

“I have to do something for Miss McNight.”

“Are you coming back?” Asked Valentine.

“No, I am not. I’ll be back tomorrow.”

“Holiday, why would she come back?” Rhodes questioned.

“Rhodes! I didn’t even leave yet and you’re already starting.” I chuckled.

“She’s asking a stupid question!” He defended.

“It probably didn’t sound stupid to her, Rhodes.” Rylee shrugged.

“Thank you, Rylee,” I nodded, “I want you guys to continue with your packets. Once Miss Hanks gets here she’s gonna turn on your work music and you’ll finish them for the remainder of the day. You must turn them in tomorrow morning. If they aren’t completed the people who love you will be getting emailed.”

I don’t like giving out packets but they do the job. Plus, I make them fun. I like to add in coloring pages in at random so they can take a brain break.


I left immediately after Miss Hanks came into the class. My kids, being the dramatic little children they are, decided to fake cry while I packed up.

I love them, but they are just so crazy sometimes.

I had to stop by my house so I could change my clothes and get ready to drop Beast off at my moms. I didn’t want him going back to daycare yet so he’s been spending a lot of time at my mom’s house. Binx is great though. She’s happy and healthy living her life with Nellie at daycare.

“Beastie Boy!” I called.

He came running out to his room holding the stuffed cat Harlow brought me. I named it Jinx since it resembled Binx. Beast loves playing with it but Binx on the other hand isn’t the biggest fan of the toy. Every time she sees it she’s hissing at it.

I love how opposite they are.

I quickly changed my clothes and then sped to my moms. I was starting to run late and that rarely happens.

I dropped Beast off then sped over to Harlow’s house. We agreed to meet up there because she has a lot more space than I do. This was planned before I found out she was cheating on me so at the time I was happy to be coming over to her house.

I noticed three cars in the driveway which didn’t really make sense to me. If it’s just her that’s home where did the extra two cars come from? Who’s the owners?

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