Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 33

Are you my mom now?
December 30th, 2022
Salem Black

I woke up quite late this morning causing our schedule to change. We were supposed to go ice skating at twelve but again, I woke up late. Nobody woke me up either so no one can be upset with me.

I hate rushing but I had to. We were supposed to be at the rink by eleven forty-five so could check in but we were running like fifteen minutes late. When we arrived there was a long ass line at the front desk. And the kicker was that there was only one line out of three open.

It was cold, kids wouldn’t stop complaining, and I was hungry. Not a good combination.

And on top of that the lady working at the counter had an attitude. Lilian was definitely trying to keep her cool but, it was evident she wasn’t doing well. Raven, on the other hand, made it known that she wasn’t feeling the worker’s energy.

“Is there anyone else working today?”

“Do you see anyone else?” The worker asked, her attitude still going strong.

“She talking to me?”

“No, Baby, she’s not,” Ashley laughed awkwardly, trying to calm her wife down.

“I am,” Said the worker, “It’s evident there’s no one else here so why would you ask?”

“Alright, I stayed quiet because I could tell you were having a bad day, but what you’re not going to do is take your anger out on me, my wife, or anybody who comes here. We came here to have a good time and you’re making that damn near impossible! I understand- don’t interrupt me- I understand your morning probably hasn’t been the best but your attitude reflects what this establishment is like daily.” Ash’s breathing was heavy by the time she finished talking.

It’s very rare Ashley goes off on anyone like that so I could tell this interaction really pissed her off. If there’s one thing I love about Ashley McKnight it how protective she is of her family. She’s calm most of the time but I love seeing her yelling at people.

She’s scary when she wants to be.

The worker’s attitude didn’t go away but she wasn’t talking as much. We got checked in and then went over to the lockers so we could lock all of our possessions up. Harlow wasn’t feeling the best but she still came because she didn’t want to be in the house alone in the event Jason came back.

Harlow, Raven, Lilian, and I were sat in a booth watching Ash and Fin struggle to skate with the kids. Fin was doing a terrible job. He was falling more than the kids! Ashely used to roller skate daily when we were in high school so she wasn’t new to the whole skate thing.

“Look at her fine ass go,” Raven grinned, eyeing her wife like she was a piece of meat.

“I- yeah I don’t know who that man is. I think he followed us here.”

“You let your son hang out with strangers?” Harlow teased, earning herself the middle finger from Lilian.

“Y’all want something to eat? I’m gonna get some hot chocolate.” I asked as I removed myself from the booth.

“If they have wings get me some. Hot honey to be specific.” Raven nodded.

“I’m cool,” Lilian smiled. “I bought my own shit. I wasn’t about to spend money here.”

I laughed at how cheap Lilian was being but went to order me and Raven’s food nonetheless.

When I returned Harlow’s head was now resting on the table. Lilian was no longer sitting at the table, and Raven was now standing on the ice.

“You okay, Baby?” I whispered to Harlow.

“Mmhmm.” She hummed.

“You sure?”


I didn’t believe her but I left her alone. I didn’t want to annoy her but I was still concerned. I hope she’s okay. I really didn’t want to have to give Jocelyn another call.


According to Harlow’s tradition the Christmas sleepover was supposed to end on new year’s but Rylee was feeling homesick and Atticus kept complaining about having to share a bed with his parents so both couples went home early. They were going to come back New Year’s Day to celebrate with us.

I had yet to go home because Harlow still needed me. I didn’t mind it though, I liked being in her presence. The only time I left was to go pick up Binx and Beast from my mom. Beast peed on her carpet by accident so she sent them back to me.

I couldn’t leave them home alone so I had to bring them both back to Harlow’s. They slept in Halo’s room so they could “protect” her.

As of now the three of us were sitting on the couch watching The Grinch. Beast was on the floor with Halo, while Binx was laying in Harlow’s lap purring each time Harlow pet her.

“Salem?” Halo said, turning her neck to look at me.


“Are you my dad now?”

I nearly choked on my spit! My eyes darted over to Harlow who’s hand was no longer petting the cat. She was in just as much shock as I was.

“Well- I mean, I’m a girl so I can’t be your dad.” I chuckled awkwardly.

“Oh…Are you my mom now?” She asked.

“You already have a mom.”

“No, my other mom. Like Rylee. He has two moms.” She added.

I looked over to the woman next to me hoping she could help but she was still in shock.

I love Halo, I’m not afraid to admit that. She’s a beautiful girl, with a beautiful soul. I just don’t want her to think I’m replacing her dad. Even though he was terrible to Harlow, he wasn’t to his daughter.

“I mean I can be if you want me to be,” I shrugged, “But I want you to always remember that your dad wasn’t always a bad person. He still loves you and I am in no way, shape, or form trying to replace him.”

“I know,” She giggled, “I like you more. You’re nicer to mommy than daddy was. I love you mommy number two.”

She hopped off the floor and onto my lap.

My heart melted and my eyes watered.

I finally had the family little me dreamed about. Harlow pressed a kiss to my head and mouthed a quick ‘thank you’ before returning her attention back to the television.

I’m happy again and I plan to keep it that way.

“I love you too, daughter number one.”

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