Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 30

Jason’s Chapter
November 10th, 2022
Jason Jackson

“Damien, if you know you’re not gonna make the shot pass the ball! You’re the point guard, remember? That’s what Gabe is for. Don’t risk causing your team to lose because you want to test your luck.” Jason shouted.

The boy, Damien, sadly tossed the basketball to his teammate and watched as Gabe effortlessly threw the ball into the net.

“Coach!” A boy called.

“What’s up, Kel?”

“I can get some water real quick?” Kelon asked, his breathing heavy. There was sweat bleeding from his forehead and his shirt was wet clinging to him.

“There’s like five more minutes left,” Jason shrugged, “You can wait.”

“There’s actually seven minutes left.” Dante, the team’s benchwarmer advised.

The team collectively let out groans as JJ blew the whistle hanging around his neck.

“Dante, bro, you gotta shut up sometimes.” Gabe sighed.

“Why are y’all still standing?” JJ’s brows were furrowed, “I blew the whistle. Get your asses up and start running. Dante, go make the Gatorade.”

Dante happily jumped up from the bench and ran over the kitchen. Well, it’s not really a kitchen. It’s a room with a refrigerator.

“Why is Dante not running?” Freddie, the team’s center asked, wiping sweat from his forehead.

“Why are you minding Dante’s business?”

“Because he literally did nothing but sit on the bench all practice. He’s gotta do something, JJ.”

“He doesn’t have to do shit,” Jason hissed, “He’s a benchwarmer. He’s not supposed to be doing anything. Just for that you can go ahead and run three extra laps.”

Freddie’s eyes were damn near out of their sockets. He let out a frustrated sigh as he continued running.

Dante returned to the gym carrying the cooler and the team’s water bottles.

“JJ, Gabe doesn’t have to run three laps for me. I don’t really care about what he said.” Dante said, pouring the Gatorade into the bottles.

“No, he’s gonna run the laps because I said so. You’re free to go. Tell your dad I said hi.”

Dante grabbed his things and left the gymnasium. He quickly apologized to his teammates and then he was gone.

“Come get these water bottles!” JJ called.

All twelve boys ran towards the bench. As soon as they were close enough JJ scrunched his nose up in disgust. The smell radiating off of the boys was something terrible. No Highschool student should smell like that.

“Hit the showers! Immediately.” Jason gagged.


“Yo, what the hell?”

Jason noticed Lilian’s car on his side of the driveway. He wasn’t advised that she was coming like he usually was so that was the first sign that something was up. The second sign was the door being unlocked. We’re they trying to get themselves killed. The last and final sign was him seeing all of his belongings scattered and littered around the house.

He heard voices coming from upstairs so like anyone else would, he followed them.

In his bedroom stood Harlow and Lilian. More of his belongings scattered around.

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