Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 22

What are we, teenagers?
November 3rd, 2023
Harlow Hanes

Life has been suspiciously good lately. I’ve been happier- and while this is a good thing, this usually means something bad is about to happen. The last time life was going this well my boyfriend met my parents and I got disowned. I guess I’ll have to cross that bridge when I get to it.

For now I’ll focus on how happy I am and try to keep it this way, though that’ll probably be hard to do because ever since I became a manager every three seconds some old lady wants to speak with the manager.

I was in my “office” looking through paperwork when Andy came running. He was breathing hard as fuck.


“I died.” I sighed.

“This is serious!” He panted.

“What happened now?” I groaned. I’m so tired of people needing me. I’m not the only manager working today so why the hell am I needed every five seconds?

“Eloise’s water just broke!”

“Fuck! Where?”

“She was on her way to the bathroom. She’s in the hallway.”

I told Eloise she needed to go home and stay home. Her baby is at high risk for an early arrival and we didn’t want to risk her giving birth while on duty. Guess who didn’t listen and is now having her baby while on duty? Eloise Bench of course!

I followed Andy to where she was located. She was sat on the floor moaning in groaning in a puddle of liquid.

“Eloise, my dear, what did I tell you? Need a reminder? I told you to go home! You didn’t listen and now I have to close up early. After you give birth and are ready to come back you shall not. Your seven day suspension will start immediately.” I was annoyed, and Reggie was going to be pissed.

I understand she was working so she’d have money when her baby came but we do paid leave time. She wasn’t missing out on anything.

I left her to grab my phone so I could make a couple calls. The first one went to Reggie and the other one went to Ashley. She was one of Salem’s friends. Salem, Ashley, Raven, Lilian, and I started hanging out weekly. I got to know more about Salem’s family and she got to know about mine.

Outgoing call to ‘Ashley’

Hi, Harlow.


Everything okay? Did Halo or Atticus get hurt?

They’re fine. My employee, on the other hand, is in active labor in front of my bathroom. Her water broke like three minutes ago.

Did you want me, directly, or were you okay with me sending people to you?

I don’t care who you send just please get her out before my boss comes back.

I’m on my way. It’ll be me, two nurses, and lots of equipment so make sure the area she’s in is clear.

Thank you!

Of course! See you in a few.

Call ended

I wanted to scream so bad but I didn’t. I refrained myself from doing so. I now had to go make an announcement to whoever was still in the building.

“Hello!” I raised my voice but I wasn’t yelling. I didn’t need to. “I’m deeply sorry for what I’m about to do. I need everyone to leave immediately. You can pay at the two booths out front but then you have to go. I do sincerely apologize.”

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