Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 16

September 22nd, 2022

Salem Black

I have never been late to work a day in my life. I’m either early or right on time, but never late. Today changed that. The moment I realized I was getting too much sleep I jumped up.

Hangovers are never bad for me so it was easy for me to do what I needed to. I got dressed, brushed my teeth, and styled my hair. Knowing Harlow was still here I wrote her a note and headed out the door. I wasn’t sure if she worked at all today so I left her alone.

Was the note cliché? Yes, but, I got my message across.

I have no excuses as to why this happened. I knew I had work today yet I still decided to go out with a person I find attractive. I drank and I had sex. It’s one thing to drink and have sex with a parent, but it’s another thing to drink and have sex with a parent on a school night.

So, to say “I messed up” would be an understatement. I didn’t ‘mess up’ I fucked up. I did something very wrong. Now I’m not saying I regret it, I’m saying I fucked up.

Once I had time to check my phone I saw that I had twenty four missed calls from Raven, Ashley, and Principal Weathers. Weathers never calls so that’s how I knew I was in trouble.

I sent all three of them a quick text letting them know I was on my way though I knew I was going to have to explain myself when I got there.

Once I arrived I immediately ran to the front office. I greeted the office ladies and made my way back to Principal Weathers’ office. She was in the middle of a phone call so I just stood there like a kid who just got in trouble for stealing.

She pointed to one of the chairs in front of her desk, letting me know she wanted me to sit down. Her call ended and she just looked at me for a good fifteen seconds without saying a word.

“So, Miss Black, it is currently…eight fifty-two am. You are meant to be to work by six thirty meaning you are two hours and twenty-two minutes late. What happened- as a matter of fact; who was it?” What’s her name?”

“Excuse me?”

“What’s her name?” She repeated.

In my head I’m debating on whether I tell my boss I slept with a parent or I lie. One thing about Margret Weathers is that she has this ability to tell when someone is lying to her. There’s really no point in me lying so I decided to just tell her the truth.

“…Harlow…Hanes.” I whispered her last name hoping Margret didn’t catch it.

She did.

“Harlow Hanes? As in Halo Hanes’ mother?” She asked. She wanted to laugh; I could hear it in her voice.

“Yeah.” I sighed.

“Excuse my language but holy shit! I knew you were like in love with her but I didn’t think you’d fuck her,” She laughed.

“It’s not that funny.” I glared.

“Oh but it is. You better get ready for McKnight’s reaction. You know how she is.”

“I’m gonna head to my class now. I miss my kids.” I huffed.

“You do that,” She continued laughing, “Don’t let this happen again, Black. I mean it. I can’t fire you because you’re one of my best teachers but I’ll find something.”

When I got to my class I saw my sub was one of the new interns. They were all under the age of twenty one but they did what they needed to do so there were no complaints on my end.

“Miss Black!” Esmeralda gasped.

The other kids turned their heads to me and began cheering. I love my job.

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