Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 19

It was chocolate
September 30th, 2022

Salem Black

I haven’t seen Harlow since Monday. She’s been sick all week! I was supposed to go and see her yesterday but my mom (who I never talk to) asked me to come over and help her clean out her basement. I left her house with a box full of my old shit.

Halo’s dad dropped her off this morning so again, I didn’t see Harlow. Im hoping she’s feeling better today. I really wanna see her face.

“Who can tell me the name of the first president of the United States of America?”

“George Washington Carver!” Rhodes answered.

“You’re an idiot, Driveway,” Valentine sighed.

“Hey!” I gasped, “Go separate the salt and pepper.”

My “punishments” for my students are usually meticulous. I started off by having the child separate a pile of letter and number magnets but they were enjoying it too much so I switched over to having them sort through seasonings. They hate it so they’ll usually try to stay out of trouble.

I’m a genius.

“You’re on the right track, Rhodes! Anybody catch his mistake?” I asked, looking around the room.

“Wrong George Washington.” Noah answered.

“Good! Carver invented peanut butter, Washington was the president.”

“I was close! Valentine is such a hater.”

I giggled at the little boy’s comment and walked over to my computer so I could pull up a picture of George Washington.

Our new history unit is U.S. history. It’s nothing like high school level U.S. history. Raven and I had to really dumb everything down so that a bunch of seven and eight year olds would understand it.

We had to leave a few things out because some of the information wasn’t suitable for children and we didn’t want parents calling the school asking why their child was telling them George Washington was gay.


“Alrighty if you did not receive a blue, purple, or white star in your booklet today that sounds like a personal problem. You have to explain to your parents that your weren’t listening, not me. With that being said I need numbers one through eleven to grab their things and line up.

I gave the kids time to collect themselves then called the other set.

“Now I need everyone to zip their lips so we can walk down the hallway. I don’t know about y’all, but I’m ready to go home.” I said, grabbing my clipboard so the parents could sign their child out.

Once we got to the cafeteria I looked around to find my group of parents. There was a certain person I was looking for. I couldn’t see her but she’s short and Jackson- or whatever the hell his name is, is not.

The first two to go was Valentine and Rhodes; per usual. Then Elliot, Melody, and Noah. Elliot and Melody have grown pretty close since the school year started.

I swear they’re gonna be just like Valentine and Rhodes and Halo and Atticus in a couple months. Apparently they stared taking singing lessons together.

After them was Violet, Mika, Isla, and Esmeralda. By the time all the parents were gone I only had Rylee and Halo. Atticus and Halo usually ride together but today Atticus’ dad picked him up. He said something about a doctor’s appointment for his mother.

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