Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 9

Back at home,Folake mother was still in her

sister house racking her brain on how best to return to her husband house as advised by some good friends.Shame and pride would not allow her to simply go back.

However,she also did not want folake to know about it so that she could concetrate on her studies.

On one of their visiting days,Grace decided to visit Folake at school.When she arrived,Folake came out to welcome her,she peered at her mother’s eyes and saw her packing out of their house.She became worried.Folake ran to her,knelt down and held her hands tightly

”Mama,how are you? How is papa? what of the lady he came home with?”. she asked her rapidly and breathlessly.

Grace managed with great effort to control

herself and to calm folake’s nerves.

”Everybody is fine.The

lady is still there.”

”Mama,all is not well.

Dont tell me papa has driven you out of the house.” she inquired axiously and Grace almost lost control again.She However managed to control herself again.

We are fine,folake.So how are you coping.”

”As you can see,i’m fine.I am only worried about you people.” folake replied.

”No,it should be the other way round,we should worry about you instead,Just take care of yourself and make us proud.” Grace advised

Some of folake’s

friend came and greet @Grace and she gave them some fruits. when it was time to go

they saw her to the gate and she went home.

Grace went back to her sister house with red eyes.She wept all the way home for lying

to Folake.She hardly told lies and she regret lying to her beloved daughter.

”mama folake,whats the problem? why are your eyes red like that.” her sister Bimbo asked her.

”Folake is fine.Its just that she seems to know about my condition.She kept on asking me disturbing question.” she replied

”Why wouldnt she know when she has seen everything in her dream? i just hope that you go back to your husband house before folake come home for vacation.” Bimbo advised.

Mama folake regreted having issues with her husband.She blamed the lady for causing all this,now folake will soon come back from school.She started marking out strategies on how to go back to her husband house.

on the other end,mr alabi already battled with his conscience for laying his hands on

his wife.He regreted his actions and wished to bring her back,but some men who witnessed what happened encorage him not to make a move.

”Dont even think of going to look for her unless you want to make her the man of the house.,,his friend Timothy advised

”i blame my self for laying my hands on her.What i had never done before.” mr alabi regretted.

the lady(Asoh) was eavesdropping on them and heard everything the said clearly.When timothy left,she came and sat beside mr alabi.

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