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Though Folake knew that there was trouble in the air,she did not clearly see that they had changed

their plans to hurt Esther and she was now their prime target

Nevertheles she mapped out her own plan to counter their attacks on Esther,herself or any other innocent student.

One evening while Esther was going to the venue of the singing practice.

Folake saw Maris and Isabel following Esther

She too follow them to know if they were going to harm her so that she would counter them.She did not know that they had a different plan.

Meanwhile,Benny was

also following Folake to witness the drama. to see for herself the power contest between Folake and the maidens of marine


Benny looked and saw Anita and Pinky hiding behind a classroom with their attention concetrated on Folake.

she became curious.

She stopped to find out what they wanted to do to Folake.

They brought out a Catapult and aimed it at Folake.

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Benny saw the danger and wanted to call Folake attention but she felt they would turn against her if she openly accosted them.She thought of how to stop them before they would release the stone in the catapult.

An idea came into her mind.She picked a big stone and threw it on the roof of the building in which they were hiding.

The stone landed with

a shattering noise on the zinc,that made the two girls scamper away in terror.

The noise also drew Folake attention and when she looked back

she saw two girls running away but she did not recognised them.


it was late in the night that Benny told Folake what happened.

She was jolted.

”could it be that they are now aftetr me or what?” she asked.

”I think they are because they were seriously aiming the catapult at you,and i wonder what would have happened if they succeeded”. Benny replied.

Folake stood still for a while and saw the two

girls as they aimed their catapult at her.

”No weapon fashioned

against me shall prosper.thanks for saving me.As you can see,you have indirectly

joined me in this mission to save.” Folake joked.

”Joined you in what?

Spare me o!,But how come you did not see that one?.” Benny asked.

”Which one do you mean?. Folake asked

”the attack on you.”

Benny answered

”They is no way i can see everything,i dont even pray to see beyond what am seeing now.It’s only God that sees and knows everything.Do you want mad?.” Folake said in disgust and Benny shook her head in pity for her.

”i understand how you feel but i believe God knows why he is allows you to pass through all these and am sure he will always

protect you.” Benny assured.

”Amen!, i can hardly even concetrate on my studies.”

they both began to map out their own strategies.

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