Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 25

They started their examination and it was

time for the marine spirit girls to put their plans into action.

in one of their exams

Isabel wrote answers on a sheet of paper and threw it to where

Folake was seated.

Meanwhile,the examiner was going round checking the students.

Esther was in the same class with Folake and she saw when Isabela threw the paper there.

She became apprehensive because Folake did not know what was going on.

An idea came into Esther head.

She had a chewing gum.She opened it.

Put it in her mouth and started chewing it hurriedly.

She soon removed it from her mouth and put it under her sandals and asked the examiner for permission to ease herself.

The examiner asked her to hurry and come


On her way,she purposely stepped on the paper and it glued

to the chewing gum under her sandals.


Isabel saw it and became very angryg

but she did not know that Esther did it intentionally.

That was how Esther scuttled their first attempt to put Folake

into trouble.

After the exam,

Isabella reported and

they were all very angry.

”Are you sure that Esther is not working with her?” Anita asked

“I don’t think so.I think it’s just a mere coincidence.” Isabella answered

”I hope so because we won’t take it lightly with her if we discover that she is working against us.” Anita added

“Anyway,i still try again tommorow and whoever stops us whether intentionally

or unintetionally will face our wrath.” Isabel assured them before they parted for the day.

Esther later went to Folake and told her what happened.Folake shook her head but was not suprised because she already knew they would go any length to get her out of the way.


”Folake you must be very careful with those

people.I dont know why you dont want to report them to the school authority since they since they seem hell bent on dealing with you ruthlessly.”

Esther said

Before Folake could answer her,

she saw something and closed her eyes.

It was the old tell-tale


and the plans of the marine spirit girls were revealed to her.

She opened her eyes again and smiled.

”What is it?

Esther asked a little bit confused.

”They are planning to set me up again in the exam hall tomorrow.” Folake answered quite unpertubed.

”You see what i am saying.Are you going to wait until they put you into serious trouble before you do what is right.” Esther asked looking uncomfortable.

”Dont worry.

For me.

if i report them to the

authority as you suggest,i will have to do a lot of explanation

on how i got to know about their status as cultists and there is no sufficient guarantee that the authority would believe



So the best thing is to

fight them until they give the reason to expel them from the school or better still

deliver them.

Nonetheless,since they want me expelled

i have no choice than to cause the expulsion

of one of them so that

they can see the futility of fighting a child of God.” Folake said

”How do you mean?”

Esther asked confused

”Dont worry.You will know what i mean after examination tomorrow.When she drops the paper again

leave it until the supervisor comes and

you will see what will happen.” Folake replied smiling

Esther nodded her head as if she had understood what Folake had in mind to do but was really more

confused than ever.

Folake thanked her very much for saving her that day and wished her Goodnight.


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