Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 7

benny and folake reached michael house after leaving the market.He welcome them warmly.

”Welcome to my humble abode,do feel at home.” he said.

”Thanks.” they answered in unison

”your house is beautiful,” benny said to him.

”Really?,i am happy to hear that.Thanks michael said.

”can you get me a glass of water,pleas am thirsty. Benny requested.

”Me too,the sun is so harsh. Folake added

”okay dear,i will be right back.” Michael said and left,he came back a while later with two glasses of water,they drank gratefully and heaved a sigh of relief.

Michael gave his photo album to them to glance through and he went into his kitchen.

He called loverboy again to know what was delaying him.Lover boy told him he was on his way.

he cut the call and brought of a pack of juice from his fridge.he poured some quantity into two glass cups. He peeped through the door to check on the girls and saw that they were still busy with the photo album.

Folake looked at one of the pictures and saw michael’s hand again pouring a substance into a glass cup of juice.She nodded her head and smiled.

”So,this is actually true.” she said to herself. ”Okay let me see how it goes.”

she excused herself from benny.

”Where are you going to?.Benny asked her.

”just wait,am coming,, Folake replied and went to michael’s kitchen.

Benny wondered where folake is going to.

michael had already placed the glasses in a tray to serve them.He brought out a powderd substantce to pour inside the juice.

The substance was made to make the girls sleep off,so that michael and his friend may sleep with them.

So,folake went inside the kitchen and caught michael red-handed trying to pour the substance into the drinks.

michael trembled and knock down the tray with the drinks,he started shaking fearfully.

Folake smiled and shook her head.

”So,this is why you invited me and my friend to your house? anyway,we knew whats on your mind.I just want to warn you against this evil plots against innocent girls,i will certainly ruined you.” She fumed and stormed out to meet her friend

Benny could hear folake’s voice as she tongue lashed michael,but she did not understand whats happening.

When folake returned she threw a question at her.

”what were you discussing with him? benny asked her with straight face.

”i will explain later,,.Folake replied

”what do you mean by that?, i brought you here and you are acting as if you are here before,what are you even up to?,,. benny asked,suspecting something.

”its not what you are thinking,just calm down, i will explain to you later—- She was still talking when michael walk to them and knelt down before them and began to apologize.

Benny was as confused as she was suprised.She could not understand the drama that was going on.

”Pleas forgive me.It is the handiwork of devil.,, he apologized.

Benny looked at folake inquiringly,but she looked away.

”Whats happening here?.” Benny asked,but nobody answered her.instead,michael continued asking for their forgiveness.

Lover boy walked in at that point,and on seeing michael knelling infront of folake,he turned back and walked out of the room.

Lover boy believed it was a shame for man to kneel down infront of a woman.he was very dissapointed in michael.he enter his car and zoomed out of the place angrily.

Benny became perplexed,her eyes blazed with anger and she started walking out of the house.Michael tried to stop her but she pushed him away and walked out also.Folake also followed her and they made their way back to the school.

michael felt bad for what had happened.

”how did she know i wanted to drug them?,this is unbelievable,she could be a mysterious girl.”

he knelt down and ask for god forgiveness.

He promised to turn a new leaf.

On getting back to the school,folake explain to benny all that happen between him and michael to benny. Benny was very angry that she took an exit card from the school and went to a phone booth to call michael.

”So,what folake said is true,why did you want to drug us.”she asked in a grieve voice

”i am sorry,its the handwork of devil,pleas forgive me.,,

”only god knows how many innocent girls you have used.But how do my friend find out what you wanted to do?,,

”Honestly,i dont know.I have been thinking about how she got to know it,am suprised,michael said

”i must unravel this mystery.” she said and cut the call.

michael was determined to know how folake got to know he want to drug them,but he shoved that aside and called lover boy.

”guy,why have you been rejecting my calls?,and by the way whats the meaning of what you did today.”he asked

”i should be asking you that,what did you expect me to do,you kneeling down infront of those girls,trembling like a leaf,thats a shame mhen.” lover boy replid

”Ajeh,you wont understand.,, he said scratching his head

”ogbeni,understand what na,he replied

”the pretty one bust me when i wanted to pour that stuff na,,michael said

”impossible!,even if she is a witch,how could she have known.Lover boy asked suprisingly.

”thats what i have been thinking since,but i dont understand it” michael replied.

”this girl is mysterious o” Lover boy said axiously.

”you know what,am going back to their school again,to know more about her.Michael stated .

”hmmmn,thats true o,we need to know more about them,, loverboy said.

They both agreed and

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