Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 17

While Folake and Benny were busy tackling the marine cultists,they temporaly forget Michael and Loverboy.

There were too busy to even remember that they existed.

Michael and Loverboy

had bee busy trying their eyes on the two super girls again.They hung around the school gate to know if they could meet Folake and Benny for weeks without success.They struck gold luck one evening that Folake and Benny

took permission to go to the market.

Benny did not take it on them that evening

she confronted them on attempting to rape them.

”what do you want from us again,you rapists .” she asked them.

”we have come to apologize for what happened that day.

Please find it in your heart to forgive us.” Michael pleaded.

”please leave us before a teacher sees us with you people.”

Folajae told them and they walked out on the boys.But the boys were not put off.

They drove away further and stopped further away from the school gate and waited

for them.

The girls ignored them

and they kept pestering and begging them until they changed their mind and forgave them

They became friends once again.Folake has seen full repentance in them so they were free with them.

”Thanks for forgiving us.Atleast we can now have peace of mind.” Michael said happily.

”But jokes apart,how did you find out our plans if i may ask?” Lover boy asked and Michael nodded in support.

Folake and benny looked at eachother and smiled.

”Forget what is written on the car and enter it.” Benny replied and they laugh

”Haha!,what if the car would take you to the kidnappers or ritualists?.” Lover boy

asked and they all laugh again.

”But seriouly,we have been pondering on how you got to know about it.” Michael said

”Actually,its a long story.So lets leave that for another day” Folake replied

”Alright then,if you say so.” they agreed happily.

When it was time for the girls to go back to school,they dropped them.

That was how michael and Loverboy meet them again.

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