Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 27

The following day.

Folake and her class mates were writing exam again when Isabel repeated her evil act.

She threw a piece of paper accurately under Folake’s seat.

Folake saw it and smiled and continued writing as if nothing happened.

She signaled Esther and both of them smiled knowingly.

Shortly before they were to submit their


The examiner walked past Folake’s seat and

saw the paper.

He picked it and behold,it contained answers to the exam that they had just finished writing.

Mr Tony literally went mad with what he saw

He was a no Nonsense

teacher that brooked no kind of cheating and he immediately asked Folake to stand up.

Before she could offer

any kind of explanatio

Mr Tony had already taken her answers script from her.

”You are leaving this school as soon as it is

fully established that you indulge in examination fraud. i dont expect this from a decent girl like you but laws are no respecter of person.

Stand up and follow me.” Mr Tony said


”Sir,am not the one that used it.Someone used it to set me up.” Folake explained.

Tony gave no ears to her explanation.

Instead,he command Folake to follow him to the principal’s office for further explanations and actions.

Folake realised that if she did not act fast,

she would be in for something bad,’

so she spoke out.

”Sir,see who do the cheating,”

Folake said pointing at Isabel.

”Crosscheck the handwriting on both the piece of paper you

have and her answer

scripts as well.You will see the diffrences

and then know who the culprit is.” She argued desprately.

Mr Tony stopped and stare with full glare at

Isabel who returned his stare eyeball to eyeball.

Mr Tony was momentarily confused.

Something strange happened.

Instead of checking to

confirm what Folake had said.

Tony was busy smiling at Isabel.

She had used the occult power in her eyes to hypnotize the teacher.

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