Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 23

Their examination were

fast approaching and neither Folake nor her rivals concetrated on their studies.

Folake was losing weight badly.She had long started serious praying and fasting to be able to overpower those possesed girls.

Benny pitied her.she tried again and again to persuade Folake to report them to the school authority but Folake once again refused.

”You can’t continue like this.Your life is in

danger and you don’t want the school authority to know about the people after

your life.Are you sure you are okay?” Benny asked not smiling.

”i have told you several times that it’s

too late for me to back out.Those girls dont know what they are doing,expelling them from school is not what they need.

What they need is deliverance and not expulsion.” Folake told her firmly

”But you cannot deliver them or is it when they kill you that you will realize what you have gotten yourself into?”

Benny asked and Folake smiled.


”They cannot kill me.

I am beyond their capacity to kill.I am a conqueror and the God

i serve is strong and will never forsake me no matter what.” Folake maintained and Benny shook her head

They discussed on how to concetrate a little more on their studies since their exam were fast approaching.

They needed to start

night classes together

but Benny was scared that the marine spirit girls could attack and hurt them at nights.

So,Folake was going for night classes alone..

One night while Folake

was reading with other students in the classroom,Pinky and her friends waited outside to hurt her on

her way back to the hostel.

Folake did not see it like she used to.

But while she she read

she felt unease as if something was wrong somewhere.At some point,her mind was not on what she is reading again.

So she packed her books and left the reading hall and started going back to hostel.

Meanwhile,Pinky and her cohorts were already waiting to attack her.

As they were about to unleash their mayhem.

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