Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 32

They agreed to let bygone be bygone.

Grace promised to play

her part well.

Alabi gave her some money to use in taking

care of Folake in the hospital.

Benny,Esther and Comfort went back to

school later in the evening.




Pinky and her evil gang were happy about what happened to Folake.Especially for the fact that she missed one of the exams.

They celebrated it and

felt that since she was away,they would use the opportunity to

convert and initiate some new members.

”Now that she is away,we must Maximize this opportunity and get some new members to

replace lost ones and strenghten our group.

Pinky told Anita.

”Yes and we must also deal with that Esther that joined her

in implicating Isabel.

That girl must either join us or face what her friend has experienced.”

Anita said and they both vanish.

The students finished their exams two weeks

before the official closure of school.

So students were not really busy with academic works and had all time to enjoy and while away time.

Folake warned Benny and Esther to be very careful with the marine spirit girls.

Comfort did not really know what was happening. but Folake

did not want to tell because she was feeble-minded and a coward.

One evening while some students were playing.

Pinky went and joined them and purposely caused one of them to injure herself.

They began to fan her

and when she became better.’

Pinky went and bought

her a packet of Locozade boost.

Of course,she bewitched it. and when Rita drank it, she felt something strange in her body.

That did it all and that

was how Rita joined them in the marine world.

That same day.Anita too was busy initiating

new members.

They were able to initiate four students that day.

The next mornimg. all the new members were in attendance.


initially,the new members did not reall

Understand what they

were into but immeiately they finished eating what they were served in the meeting,their mindset changed. they

became seriously possesed and were ready to do anything they were asked to.

Pinky told them that they needed more members and also told

them about Esther and their mission to either initiate or maim


Fokake saw them having their meeting and sprang up from the hospital bed like someone who had just had a nightmare.

The mother rushed to

her and discovered that she was shivering

and sweating copiously

Grace made to call the

nurses but Folake asked her not to.

”I am okay.Dont call them.” She said.

”See how you are sweating and you say you are okay.” Grace told her.

”I said am fine. leave me please.”

she began to think about how to reach her friends and tell them about the new members of the marine spirit world and their mission to hurt Esther.


Before Benny and her friends went back to school from the hospital.

Benny called Loverboy

and michael and notified them about Folake accident.

she gave them the hospital address and they promised to go and see her.

Folake was very happy

when they visited her.

They got her some provisions and get-well card.

Grace welcomed them cheerfully and excused

herself so that they could fell free.

”Thank God you are here.How did you know

i was admitted here.”

Folake asked them

”Benny called us on their way back to school and and informed us.” Loverboy replied.

”That was very thoughtful of her.”

Folake said.

”So how did it happen? Did you cross

the road without looking or what?.” Michael asked

”Not at all,Actually, the whole thing was manipulated but you wont understand.”

she replied.and they looked at each other.

”How do you mean the whole thing was manipulated?.”

Loverboy asked curiously

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