Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 33

”My friends in school are behind it and like i

said,you wont understand,but i really need you people in fighting these agents of darkness.”

Folake spent time narrating the entire episode to them. she told them everything they needed to know about her battle with the marine spirit girls

They were suprised that such a thing existed for real in secondary schools.

”i really need you to help me tell Esther my

friend that they are coming for her in a big

way.” Folake pleaded

”How do you get to know all these?.” Loverboy asked looking

confused and suprised

”The same way i got to know that you wanted to drug me.”

Folake replied and they jerked back in bewilderment.

She then opened up the more.

She told them about her mysterious gift of seeing things that would happen in the future.

Loverboy and Michael did not doubt her much because they had a taste of her mystery.

She pleaded with them

to find a way of reaching Benny since they did not know Esther.


”Esther is one of our friends and they have made her their prime target for implicating one of them in exam malpractice.” She told


Loverboy and Michael were silent for a while

Folake began to tell them some of her experience with the marine spirit girls to convince them to work

with her in stopping them.But they were scared to join her.

”What you are telling

us to do is not easy o!

You know we dont have spiritual powers just like you.” Loverboy said and Michael nodded in support.

Folake closed her eyes

and opened it again and all of a sudden began to panic.

”What is it?.” they asked in unison

”They are about to send accident to Esther. The same thing they did to me.”

she said and they asked her how.

She told them that Esther would be going to the market that evening and one of their new members will enter the same keke with her and cause them accident.

The boys looked each other again in utter confusion.

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