Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 31

It was the marine spirit girls that conjured it. and this happened a day to their final examination

She was rushed to the hospital and the news spread round her

school that evening like wide fire.

Thank goodness she took permission before

going out.

She sustained serious injuries and had to miss the final examination.

it was after the exam

that Benny and Esther

went to see and stay with her at the hospital.

Neither Benny nor Esther knew Folake’s house in the village.

It was only Comfort that knew the place and by then,she was avoiding Folake like a leper because of her strange behaviours.

Folake sent for Comfort and she grudgingly came to see her in the hospital

Her condition touched Comfort and she did not hesitate to go to Folake’s village to tell

her people about the accident.

She went with Benny

when they got there

only Asoh in the house

Asoh immediately recognised Comfort and welcomed them warmly.

The look on their faces told her that all was not well.


”Your faces look gloomy.Is anything the

matter? How is Folake?.”

she asked them.

Suspecting the worst

The two girl looked at each other without uttering a word.

it was Comfort that later spoke.

”We want to see Folake’s parents.”

Comfort told her without equivocation.

”Em….They are not around now and ….”

She was still thinking

of how best to put it

when Baba Folake came back.

”What is happening here?”

He asked peering from

Benny to Comfort.

”Where is Folake?”

He asked with his tension mounting.

The girls told her about Folake’s accident.

They asked of Grace and Alabi lied to them that she had gone to the market and was not yet back.

He picked some money and asked them

to take him to the hospital where Folake was admitted.

On their way,he stopped over at Mama

femi’s house to inform

her about Folake’s incident.


‘please,go and inform Grace about it so that she would come to the

hospital before Folake

begins to nurse adverse thoughts.”

He told mama femi.

He gave her the address of the hospital where Folake

was recieving treatment for onward transmission to Grace

”Her condition would

deteriorate if she discover that we are not leaving together.”

He added.Mama femi

promised to do as he had said.


Alabi followed Folake’s

friends to the hospital

and immediately Folake

saw him.

She raised her head and threw a question at him.

”Where is mama? Dont tell me what i saw is true.”

She cried.

”What did you see and

what are you talking about? Your mama is fine.She went to the market and will soon be here”

He lied.

”its a lie.You are lying to me.Tell me the truth.”

She asked him.

Alabi began to scratch

his head in an effort to dodge the question

and to gain time to find an adequate answer.


”Your mama will soon

be Stop bothering your head and be fine.”

He said and turned to

the nurse standing by

”Hope she did not sustain any serious internal injury.”

He asked

”No.not at all.its just

her right leg that was

deeply bruised and that might take some time to heal.she will soon be discharged.”

The nurse replied.

Alabi took a critical close look at his daughter and thanked her friends for coming to the house to inform them.

Not long after,Grace arrived at the hospital

panting.Immediately Alabi saw her,he signaled her to pretend as if they never quarrel.

Folake asked her the same question she asked her father.

She denied it.

Folake then felt relived.

Alabi later took Grace outside and apologized

to her and pleaded with her to come back

home before Folake would be discharged and never to let her know what happened because of her health.






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