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i heared all you discussed with your friend and i must confess that you are wrong.Go and look for your wife.If she return and insist that i leave,no problem.Every woman would feel thesame way.Bring her back and let god’s will be done.” she counselled maturely.

mr alabi looked at her and nodded in assent to her suggestion.

”Thank you my dear.I pray she accepts you as a member of this family.

”i pray so too”.She said,and mr alabi hugged her innocently

Immediately he hugged her,Folake saw it in her dream and woke up from her sleep.

”What have i just seen? No! no!! no!!! This cannot happen.”

Before she knew what was happening,tears had already welled up in her eyes.

”I knew all was not well but mama would not tell me the truth..” She was still in her thought when a student came in and diverted her attention with school activities.

Folake began to lose weight as a result of too much thinking.She was always alone and alway moody.

Everybody avoided her exept benny, her bestie.she continued to disturb folake on what was bothering her until Folake told her.

”it’s like my father has finally thrown my mother out,and he is leaving with a lady.” she confide

”what?,how did you know.”

”I saw him hugging the girl while i was taking my nap.Though it was not clear.I know something is obviously wrong somewhere.” Folake replied

”i thought your mum said they are fine.” Benny inquired.

”Yes she said so but that might be to calm my curiosity.I am confused.The man of god is coming on monday and am yet to decide on the to take to stop this pending troubles on me and anyone else.God,pleas get me out of this” She cried.

Benny did no know what to say or do again.She just kept quiet,shaking her head in pity for what Folake was going through.After a while Folake nodded her head and smiled.

”i think i know what to do.” she said,smiling

”Really? that sounds good.So what is it?.”

Benny asked again

Like i told you earlier,in that dream.I went out to sing because Esther was not in school that day.So this time around,i will make sure she is in school to sing.” Folake answered.

”How do you intend to achieve that? will you go and force her to come to school that day?” Benny asked

”she wast absent the day the man of god came because she commited an offence,and was giving two weeks suspension and it felt within that period the man of god came.” folake replied.

”Really?” Benny asked

”Yes,so i have to stop her from doing that thing that lead to her absence that day.”

”its true o!, which means you can use physical means to stop any misfortune unless it is in spiritual matter

”Yes though i still need divine wisdom to overcome them.

”yes ofcourse” benny replied.

Just then,folake close her eyes and open it after a while,she stood up

”Esther is about to fight and that would lead to her suspension

am going to stop her now.” Folake ran to go and stop esther.

”wait for me”.

benny also run

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