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she saw herself in the midst of the marine girls and before she knew it,

they had already pounced on her and beaten her up mercilessly.

One of them raised a knife to stab her and the mirror fell of her hands and smashed into pieces.

She became afraid.

Her hands shook uncontrollably as she trembled in fear.She knew something bad was about to happen to her,but what exactly it was,she dont know.

So she did not concetrate in school through that day.Her mind was filled with the thought of how she would stop the dangerous attack on her because it was already obvious to her that those girls were determined to deal with her.

”How do i stop this?

God,i really need your help now more than ever.How do i continue

to stop their meetings

so that they wont be able to plan?.For how long shall i continue like this?.” she asked herself.

She kept thinking untill an idea came into her mind.

”Yes,i must start with this.I will make sure they are not comlete in their meeting again.”.

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One day,she spied on the marine girls and overheard them discussing about a party that was in town

Normally they would jump the school fence and attend parties and

jump back very early in the morning.

Others did not want to go for the party but

Maris insisted because

it was her boyfriend who organised the it.

So after listening to their discussion.

Folake nodded and went to meet Benny.

She told her about the party that Maris was meant to attend and how she would expose her so that Maris would be expeled from the school.This would prevent them from holding their normal meeting.

”How would you expose her.” Benny asked

”Normally,they jump over the fence at night to leave and do the same when they are coming back.i will arrange for the security men to catch her if she try to jump the fence.”.

”Good thinking!” Benny exclaimed

”You are simply more than a conqueror” She concluded.

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