Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 30

”Mama femi,can you imagine the embarrasement Baba Folake caused me?” Grace asked feeling her wounded pride.

”imagine throwing me

out because of another woman.

After many years of our marriage.” She asked feeling badly hurt.

”He said he is sorry even though he still maintains he never asked you to leave.” Mama femi reminded her.

”You see what am saying?. that Man has

not repented and i am

not going back untill that husband snatcher leaves that house.” She maintained

”I can see that the devil has blocked your

sense of reasoning.

if you like,go back.

If you like,remain here

You are still the one that will regret it.” Mama femi said

She left without waiting for Grace to say anything further.

Grace wanted to call her back but her pride

did not allow her.

She began to regret again why she allow her visitor to go in anger,And missing another opportunity to

return to her husband

house with some dignity.


When Bimbo came and she told her about Mama femi’s visit.

Bimbo blamed her for not using that opportunity to go back

to her house.

”Schools will soon close. and you can’t imagine what you will

put Folake through if she comes back and discovers you are no longer living with her father.” Bimbo told her without mincing words.

”I am confused.God! what do i do now?.” She asked rhetorically

”I think there is still a way i can help redeem your pride.

I will go and talk to Baba Folake so that he

would be the one to find you.Just pray he swallow his pride,else

i dont know what else to do.” Bimbo said.

Grace thanked her immediately and ensure her that it would work.

……….. ………….

While Bimbo was still

planning on how to approach Baba Folake.

Something terrible happened to Folake at school.

She was coming back from the market when

she got hit by a hit and run driver.







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