Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 6

Folake who was gifted with the gift of dream coming to reality.And a gift of vision combined. both were revealed to him by god when she was 4yrs old.

At school folake was already having the premonition that all was not well with her family.But many things distracted her from confirming the true situation of things at home.

Some of the things that happened in her dream at school ealier were beginning to manifest in reality.Even though they did not happen exactly the way they happened in her dream,these events still bothered her very much.

On one of their outing days,folake went into town with benny,another friend of hers.on their way back to school,it suddenly started raining and it was getting too late for them to get back to school.they took shelter at a bus stop and waited for the rain to stop,but it increased instead.they became stranded and unsure of getting back to they were worrying,a young boy drove past them.

on seeing them,he reversed his car and signaled them to hop in.

but they were reluctant to enter an unknown person’s car.

”come in let me drop you off at your school before it’s late,” he said,popping his head out of the half-open car window.The two girls stared at each other for a while and hopped in because it seems their choices were limited.

”My name is michael,” he said as he speed into the highway.

”I am benny and my friend here is folake,” benny introduced.

”Okay,nice to meet you girls.i saw you at the bus stop and felt you might be stranded.I should take you back to school i guess.”he inquired.

”Yes,comprehensive secondary school.”benny replied.

”i know,i have seen your school uniform,” he replied.

He checked the time and it was 5:25pm.

”What time are you supposed to be in school?” he asked them.

”They will close the gate exactly at 6:00pm.” folake answered.

”in that case,we still have sometime left.If you wouldnt mind,let me pick something from the supermarket up the road.I promise to make it snappy”.He said,and they nodded


”thats my card,try and give me a call anytime.Okay?, see me as a friend or a brother.” he told her

”okay,thanks,i will surely do that,” she said and went inside the school premises.

Michael ogled laschivously at her,smiled and drove away,nodding his head.

Later that night,what transpired between michael and the girs began to disturb folake because of the dream she had earlier.

She was scared it might turn to reality like that again,but just before she could think deep benny came in with the nylon bags.

”Benny,you will not understand,”folake said to her weakly.

”what is there to understand? even if we should not accept them,why would you leave like that.” benny replied.

”okay, am sorry.,,she apologised.

”whatever,this is for you, she said handling her her own nylon bag

Folake open it and saw the contents.She became distraught.That omnious voice rang again like bells in her head saying

”i mean no harm

”i mean no harm

”i mean no harrrm

She covered her ears to stop hearing it and

and slept

Mysterious things were beginning to happen in the school.Some nights,the student would hear some funny noises.When they woke up and looked through the window,they would see some mysterious images and in the morning,they would see some human footprints.It was really scary and strange.No student dare step outside at night because it looked as if spirits held meetings in the school compound.The student were even afraid to discuss it.

The truth of the matter was that it was the students of the school who had been initiated into the marine cult that were having those meetings.Before the students knew what was happening,a good number of them had been initiated.

Some of them were initiated through eating food that had been bewitched by the cultists,while some were trapped through fruits and sweets.

But even at this,some student were strong spiritually to be initiated.Folake was among the strong and stubborn ones that cant be initiated into the marine cult.

Each time she heard the noises at night,she would wake up and listen attentively to everything that was said.

She was thus able to confirm that part of her dream concerning the marine spirits.

She had been given the gift of how they operated.

the marine spirit girls tormented the students in many ways.For instance,some of the initiated students will be careless with their studies and would not mind wether the fail or not.

Almost all of them became habitual liars,bullying others,skipping classes.

So when the school authorites discovered that many students were under the influenced of this marine spirits,they decided to invite a man of god to deliver the students.

Coincidentally,it was the same man of god that folake had seen in her dream.

Fear rippled through folake’s body on perceiving this.

”what is happening to me?,why is everything i saw in the dream coming to pass in real life?”.She asked herself fearfully

”God,please get me out of this,i cant stand this if it continues,mama i hope papa has not driven you out of house,”she thought and shivered.

”No,i must find a way of stopping this dreams from

manifesting.god, i need you in my

life.she prayed.

Folake thus began to behave strangely.In class while the lessons were going on,she would occupy her thoughts with how to conquer what she has been dreaming of.

One day a teacher was dictating notes,and while others were busy writing,folake was busy thinking.her close friends comfort and Benny had noticed her recent strange behaviour and decided to ask her

”What has so engrossed you again today that you are not writing?.”Benny asked her.

”You have been acting strange this days,what is happening to you?” comfort also asked

but folake was engrossed in her thought that she did not notice them.

”Are you not the one we are talking to?.” comfort asked her, pushing her to draw her attention.

because folake’s mind was not there,she jerked and draw the attention of everybody,including the teacher.

”Why are you disturbing the class?”

He moved close to them and discovered that folake had not written anything at all

”You have not been writing.” he remarked and checked her friends notebooks and saw that they too were way behind other

”birds of thesame feather! so,you people have not been writing what i have been dictating?.Go and kneel down there.” he instructed and they went and knelt down infront of the class.

Comfort and Benny were very angry with folake for bringing the punishment to them.

After school that day,they confroted her again concerning her strange behavious,but she still refused to talk.

”i hope you are not into what am thinking.

Comfort said,suspencting folake to be one of the marine girls.

they got angry and left her, comfort started avoiding her.

One day,Benny took permission to go out of the school and buy somethings she needed.

She told folake she would also go and see Michael.

”you want to go and see someone you barely know,thats not good.” she warned benny.

”There is nothing wrong in going to see him.He is now a friend and a good friend for that,i promised to visit him the other day.” benny explain to her.

”Everything is wrong about it.You just met a guy once and you are already going to see him?,,. folake asked her with seriousness.

”The problem with you is that you always claim to know all things.Mrs know all,lets go there joor, either you like it or not,am going there bye.” she said

Folake peered through her eyes and saw a hand adding some substance into a glass cup.It looked like the same hand that druged and defiled her in her dream.

She smiled and nodded her head impishly.

”i know what to do,i have to go with her,or else god will hold me renponsible for whatever happens to her there.I must stop the bad dreams

”Okay i will go with you since you said theres nothing private you are going there to do.” folake replied.

”woow,ok get dressed let’s go and come on time.” she said to her excitedly.

Folake got her own exit card and they left.They first went to the market and buy what the need before benny put a call to Michael that they were on their way.

Michael was very happy that benny is coming with folake.

He called his friend to come and join them.

”Lover boy,” he called his friend on phone. ”Where are? leave what you are doing and rush to my house now.

”Now?. whats happening? why so urgent?.” Lover boy asked him.

”do you remember those chicks i told you,there are on there way coming here.” Michael replid happily.

”Yippie!,do you still have that stuff.” lover boy asked

”no worry,i go arrange am before you come,just hurry.” he said to him

”You no know me again,na lover be this o,I will be there in a jiffy.”

Michael hanged up and started arranging his room with joy in his heart.

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