Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 20

On the night of the party,Folake stayed outside to be sure of the particular side of the fence maris would jump over.Before long,

she saw Maris with Isabel walking towards

the fence.

They got there and Isabel helped Maris jump over.

Folake smiled impishly

and said,

”get ready for your expulsion.”

From there,she went straight to the security house.

The security men shone their torchlight

on her as usual.

”You again? what is it this time?” asked one of them.

”A student just jumped over the fence to attend a party.”

She answered.

”Who? where? How?

the other one asked.

”Her name is Maris onuoha.I saw her with her friends who help her jump over the fence.” she said

”How are we sure you are telling the truth,After all this was how you deceived us the other day and we did not see anybody

They said to her.”

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”No,i saw them that day.okay,you know what,’ just be vigilant around Block E anytime

from 5am because thats the time they normally come back from their night outings.” she said

”oh,do you mean they have been doing it before?.” they asked again

”Yes,but we did not want to report them because we thought they will repent.” Folake replied

”Okay,take us to the particular place and god help you if you are playing with us again.” They said and she took them to the spot.

they thanked her for the information and she went back to the dormitory joyfully.

The security men did not even wait till 5am before they went there.They spent most

of the night there and

just as Folake had told them.

Immediately it was some minutes past 5am,they heared the sound of a car stopped

finally and after a short while.

Maris scaled the fenbe and jumped into the school compound.

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she jumped into the waiting hands of the school security men.

As soon as she landed

the security men barked at her to stop.

”Stop right there and

do not move or else we

will blow off your brain

they commanded and she froze like ice.

Maris almost fainted because they cocked their guns as if they want to shoot her.

”please dont shoot.

My name is Maris onuoha.I am one of the students……

she explained axiously

”Who asked you those

questions you are answering? oya,get on

your knees.Luck has run out of you today.”

they told her and she obeyed.

They tied her hands and took her to the guard room untill the principal came to the school.

The principal commended the security men for the job well done and wished to see the student that implicated Maris.

”We don’t know her name but we will recognised her if we see her.” they told the principal.

”Okay,please do not hesitate to bring her to me.We need more of such students in this school.”

The principal said and turned to Maris.

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