Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 4

Grace was already standing with her hands akimbo and her eyes blazing,as if she was ready to fight.So alabi asked her to sit down so he would explain to them who the lady was.

he told them that Asoh was a victim of the flood disaster that ravaged her village from neigbouring cameroon.the king had summoned all the elders to take in victims temporaly while the cameroonian government made better arrangements for their rehabilation.

”the lady was assingned to us until the government provides accomodation.” He explained

grace stood up and moved towards mr alabi with her forefinger pointed straight at him.

”over my dead body! did you hear me? i said over my dead body! she’s not staying in this house.Why did you not consult me first before accepting the girl or even informing me.She asked angrily.” Whatever the reason,she is not staying here.She rounded off.


”How can you say a thing like that? what if we were the flood victims? it could happen to anybody.We should show her kindness in a time like this”.Mr alabi pointed out.

”mama,i wish i could stay back to fight with you to ensure that nothing happen between you, daddy and her,but i have to go back to school.I wish it had happened during our school break.I would have helped you sort it out”.Folake told her mother.

” i know,but you have to go back to school and concetrate on your studies.I will handle the situation.Grace assured her.

Folake wished her mother well and went back to school,asking god to take care of everything.

Grace confided in one of her sister’s Bimbo,about the latest developement in the family,

” such a thing has been happening and its now you are saying it?” Bimbo asked grace.

”i dont know what to do.Grace replied her

”chase her out of your husband house.Bimbo replied her.

”ok o,am coming.She replied.

She made up her mind to chase the lady out of the house.

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