Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 26

Folake did not go to night class that day.

She stayed back in the hostel to read.

By now,Benny was already feeling remorseful for staying

away from Folake when she needed her most.

Previously during their Examinations she

used to always study with Folake.

So she decided to look

For Folake in the class

where they normally had night class.

She got there and discorvered that Folake did not come.

She saw Pinky and Isabel giving one of the students Chewing gum.

She became Alarmed.

She knew that chewing gum was one of the eateries they used in initiating students.

The girl was feeling sleepy.So they gave it to her and told her that the chewing gum

would help drive sleep

out of her eyes.

As Patricia chewed the gum,Pinky and Isabel smiled to each other that they had finally gotten a new Member.

Benny put her hands on the head and ran to inform Folake at the Hostel.

Folake refused to talk

to her when she came


”Folake,please i am sorry for staying away

from you but listen to me please.

Those girls

just got someone initiated.” she said and Folake opened her

eyes wide.

”How do you mean? where and how did they do that?.” Folake asked wide-eyed

”in the class where we normally do our night studies together

she said hysterically

Benny then explained to Folake how they use

chewing gum to initiate the girl

Folake began to regret why she did not

go to class that day because somehow,she would have stopped them.

But while she was regretting her callous

attitude towards a student in her time of need.

Patricia staggered into the hostel holding

her stomach.

Benny pointed at her excitedly.

”Thats the girl they initiated.” Benny said pointing at her and looking at Folake.

”What? she is in this

Hostel.Probably she is

holding her stomach as a result of the concotion they might have fed her without her knowing it.”Folake reasoned.


Folake stood up and went to her and asked

her why she was holding her stomach.

“my stomach is seriously discomforting me.I dont know what is happening to me.But am feeling terrible inside.I cannot explain

how i feel but my stomach is on fire.”

Patricia replied clutching her stomach

Folake nodded her head and took her to a corner.

she went to her room

and brought an olive oil.

She prayed and gave her to drink.

Patricia gulped the whole quarter of litre bottle of the olive oil.

Not long after that,

she began to vomit.

She vomited some strange things that she confessed that she never ate.

Everyone shouted in awe when she vomited

an raw Egg.

All the students around gathered and gleefully watched as she vomited one disturbing thing or the other.

As this was happenin

Pinky came in and was taken aback at what she saw.

She looked quizzically around.She had an eye contact with Folake and immediately realized that Folake was at it again.

She left angrily to consult with her crews.

She told them what Folake had done and they were expectedly mad with the development.

“D–n! she must have neautralised the efficacy of the bewitched gum we gave her and that is why she is vomiting.” Anita said.

”Yes,she had vomited

everything out.Anyway

if she doesnt join us in the meeting early morning tomorrow,

then we have failed.”

Isabel said

”I cant wait for that witch to leave this school for us.That yoruba girl has really become a serious torn on our flesh.”

Pinky said.

”Let’s see who will stop us tomorrow in the examination hall and we shall transfer

our anger to the person.” Anita threatened before they parted comany,all

in anger.

More students in Folake’s Hostel and even from other Hostels gathered to see what Patricia vomited.

While they watched it in utter bewilderment

Benny whispered to Folake to tell the students what happened to Patricia.

But Folake refused.

Benny continued to disturb her until she said something.


”We should becareful with what we eat especially the source such thing comes from.”

Folake said and walked

out of the place.

The students wanted to understand what she was driving at but

she did not say anything further and left them wondering.

Benny went after her and asked why she refused to tell them what exactly happened

”i have told you i dont want to draw unneccesary attention

to myself Or the identity of the marine girls until the matter unfold itself.”

Folake told Benny

Benny nagged and nagged but she refused.

She wanted to go back to her hostel but fear of marine spirit girls engulfed her and she slept with Folake in her hostel.

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