Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 15


”So they have finally succeded.” she said and Esther raised her eyebrows.

”Who has finally succedded and how have they succedded?

Esther managed to ask

in a faint voice.

”Never mind,but you know what,the practices must hold.”

Folake told her firmly

”we must put the devil to shame”.

”i know but with which voice would i sing or am i going to turn to a voiceless choir mistress?” Esther replied.

”dont worry,i will help you out but please no matter how weak you are after the days work,make sure you pray before sleeping.” Folake told her and left there.

it was then that Esther remembered that she did not pray that night.She was shocked that Folake knew that she didnt pray that night.

”How did she know that i did not pray before sleeping this so mysterious.” She wondered.


Maris and Isabel were the first to go for the practice that day.They

wanted to know the magic Esther would perform on her voice and how she would lead the rehearsals.

But to their utmost suprise,Folake lead the rehearsals more successfully than Esther had ever done.

Though Esther was there,she did not say a word.Folake explained to them that

Esther had lost her voice,that she would lead them for that day

infact,that day session was something else.It was

intresting that other students who were watching them came and joined.

Maris and Isabel were uncomfortable throughout the period of the practice.They felt like devouring Folake alive for spoiling their mission.

Folake later gave Esther olive oil mixed with mustard seed and honey.They prayed over it and Esther licked it untill her voice was restored

The agents of darkeness had an emergency meeting that night to discuss what happened earlier that day.they discovered that most of their plans were spoit by Folake.

”Something is wrong somewhere and it would not be far from that Yoruba girl called Folake.” Anita said

”Yes,you are right.

Why is it that Anytime we plan something.Somewhere

somehow,that witch of a girl would surface and scuttle our plans?” Isabel asked

”first,she seized the sweets and now she came and lead the singing session and even cause more people to join.” Maris said

”But how does she get

to know our plans?” Anita asked fearfully

”Do you know where she belongs? i suspect that girl seriously but by the time we are through with her,she would regret ever coming to this school.” Maris said cruelly.

they decided to leave Esther for the time been and concetrate more on Folake who had become their bigger threat.But they did not realize that the power they were up against was supreme.

immediately they took that decision.

The tell-tale signal in Folake’s head jangled like the sound of disused telephone and she became alert instantly.

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