Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 12

So when the man of God climbed onto the podium on the Assembly ground,he saw with spiritual what baffled him.

A good number of the students were already initiated into the marine cult and most of them did not even know.He ordered every

one to close their eyes

for prayers.

”God of children,the hour has come for you to deliver your children from this bondage of evil.Sendfort your spirit and make your presence manifest before your children here,” he prayed then began to sing.The students joined and they sang songs of worship.Esther did not even know when she took over from the man of god.

immediately Benny heared her voice.She opened her eyes,looked at folake and smiled.Folake nodded her head and smiled back.

As Esther sang,she was moved by the holy spirit,she started pacing about the podium.The man of god laid his hands on her and her voice became more melodious than ever.As she sang and moved around,anywhere she passed,some students will fell down

and the demons will be cast out of them.


The man of God noticed what was happening and made a joyful praise onto the lord.Esther continue to move around like that and almost every student that was possesed by the evil spirit was set free.Some of them made incridible confessions on how they had been operating.It was a very remarkable day in their school.

Immediately after the deliverance,the principal declared that day lesson-free for all the students.

the man of god pleaded with the school authority o Allow Esther to organise singing lesson for the students so that through that,more souls will be won for god.The school authority did not hesitate to grant the request.

So,Esther began to organise choir lesson

for the students.

Students congratulate her on her success on the miracles God perfomed

through her voice.

Esther soon became the talk of the students in her school

she thus became very popular and her spiritual powers grew.

Folake and Benny were very happy at the turn of things.

The two of them celebrate it joyfully,

but the celebration did not last long.

Folake mood suddenly changed,benny noticed it and wondered why.

”what is it again? why has your mood suddenly changed.” Benny asked.

”The mission is not yet accomplished,

infact, the BATTLE HAS JUST BEGUN.” folake replied.

”Do you know you sound scary at times,”

Benny said frowning.

”what do You mean by that?” she asked further.

”Esther is in trouble.

Those members who were not delivered will come to see that they initiate her into that cult or they will eliminate her.” Folake replied sadly.

”what?,i thought all of them were delivered

Benny said.

”No! not all.Some of them dodged the assembly while some of them were too powerful to be delivered that time.” Folake answered.

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