Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 5

On getting to the house she started shouting,calling the lady (Asoh) to come outside.

”where is this husband snatcher,come out! come out!,my husband house can not contain me and Ashawo,pack your things and leave this house.”she said to

her aggressively.

the Asoh was bewildered by grace sudden attitude and started pleading with her.

”ma,please help me,i dont have anywhere to go.I will leave when the flood has subsided,please help me stay for the time been.”

But Grace would have none of that he quickly went inside and pack the lady belongings and throw it at her.

”get out and never step your foot here”.She said to the crying lady.

Grace quickly took the door padlock and bolted it,she took the key and kept it with herself and left the house.All pleading and crying of the lady for grace to let her stay felt on deaf ear.


the Asoh stayed in front of the door soobing until mr alabi came back from work and meet her soobing and shivering under the cold weather outside.

”what happened,why are you crying,where is mama folake?”.Mr alabi asked her axiously.

”she said i should leave the house,then she now took the padlock and lock the door and leave here.” Asoh replied shivering

”what mama folake do this to you”.

As they were talking,grace come back and meet them talking.She took a long hiss at them.

”Grace why did you want to chase this poor girl away.”mr alabi asked her wife

”she must leave o!,i cant stay in this house with an ashawo”she replied

”she must not leave,this lady was among the flood victim for godsake,give me the door keys,,mr alabi told her.

”Noo she’s not going back inside this room o.She replied angry at mr alabi.

Mr alabi was very angry,she snatched the key’s from her wife and open the door,she went inside and pack grace belongings and chase her out of the house.

”leave useless wife”

mrs alabi now sensed her daughter dream has come to pass.She went and stay with at her sister house.She vowed never to forgive her husband and the lady.

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