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”So what do we do now? i suggest you report them to the school Authority so that they will either come out of it or face instant expulsion.” Benny suggested.

” i dont think that would work because there is no material evidence that they are members of the marine cult.” folake replied.

”So what will you do?

or will you allow Esther to pass through what you experience in your dream?” Benny asked

”That is why i said THE BATTLE HAS JUST BEGUN.i will have to stop their activities and you have to join me in this fight please.” She pleaded.

Benny did not know when she shouted on top of her voice and attracted attention.

”Whaaat?, join you in what fight? please o!

I am not seeing what you are seeing,so do not involve me o!”.

Benny shouted.

Folake spent time trying to convince Benny to join her on her MISSION TO SAVE the students from the evil torment of the marine cultists.

She however assured her that nothing would happen to her.


”You dont have to be scared of anything.

It’s going to be spiritual thing.

All we have to do is distract them physically after i must have seen their game plan.” Folake explained

”How exactly do you mean? i’m really scared ooo!” Benny said shaking with fright.

”Just like i did when Esther wanted to fight with Amaka.

Dont worry,i will protect you along this journey.” Folake assured her.

Benny relucantly accepted to join folake on her missions

but folake had to again reassure her of her safety and also that it would not interfere so much with their studies.


The remaining members of the marine kingdom were not happy over what happened in the school and the role Esther played.

They met at midnight to discuss their plans.

They singled out Esther as being the tool that was used to rob them of their members.

They saw her as a threat to their kingdom.


they all Chorused their usual wicked laugh.


”i think the first step is for some of us to join the singing group and cause confusion there before she annointed singers.” isabel suggested

”i support what isabel suggested.By doing so,we shall scatter their gathering and discourage the members from attending the practices.” Anita supported.

”How do we intend to

achieve that?”. asked maris.

”Simply by causing chaos each time we go for their practice.

By the time it happens

over and over,everybody would lose interest.And as we do that we will also think of a way to eliminate Esther.” isabel explained to them and they all laughed wickedly before closing their meeting.

Immediately they clapped,Folake opened her eyes and got up from the bed.

She heared everything

they just discussed even as she was sleeping.

She looked around and nodded her head.

she then prayed and went back to sleep.



to be continue

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