Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 24

But as usual Folake turned down her request.

”These girls will hurt you if you are not very careful.Could you imagine what would have happened to you if i had not flashed the torch light on them? Those girls wanted to attack you with weapons.” Esther reminded

”No weapon fashioned agaisnt me shall prosper.God will always protect me unless he wants darkness to outshine light.” Folake said confidently

”Okay ooo,if you say so but please be careful with those girls.And thanks for saving me the other time.I promise to be there for you anytime you need me.” Esther promised and Folake smiled at her.

Folake was happy that

she had finally found someone who was ready to fight with her

She was therefore encouraged to fight on

The marine spirits met and were angry about what happened.

They were confused wether it was the security men that scared them away or whether Folake had read their plans.




”How can one person be checkmating us like

this?” Pinky asked.

”it’s a big shame to us

in case you people dont know.” she fumed

”And if we don’t eliminate her now,she might expose us and you know what that means.” Anita added also furious.

”i think i have an idea

let us set her up first before she sets us up like she did to Maris.”

Isabel suggested.

”How do we achieve that? something keep telling me that the girl belongs to somewhere we dont know.” Anita said

They spent time deliberating on how to set Folake up without much stress until an idea came into Isabela’s mind.

She was Folake’s classmate and they stayed close to each other in their class.

So she opted to set her up in the examinaion hall.

She suggested that they would do that by writing answers on a sheet of paper and dropping it beside her so that the examiner would catch her and ofcourse expel her for examination malpractice.

They applauded the idea and decided to leave Folake untill her examination period.

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