Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 18

Later in the night while everyone was asleep,Folake had her tell-tale signal again.

She listened attentively and heared some footsteps and woke up

with her spiritual eyes,she saw eight legs walking towards their meeting point and she became worried.

”i must do something

to stop this meeting else i would be in trouble.But how do i do this?” she asked herself.

She remembered how she stopped them in her dream by calling the security men.

”i think this is the only way out for now.”

she said and got up from the bead.tiptoed out of the dormitory

and went to the security house.

The security men were deeply asleep when she arrived there.She tapped them gently and they jumped up,feigning alertness.

”Who is that?” one of them shouted as he shone torchlight on Folake.

”it’s me,a student.” Folake replied.

”what are you looking for here by this time of the night? you are supposed to be sleeping?” the second one asked.


”Yes but some people are about to rob the school.” she lied

”What!? Where!?”

they asked her and she pointed at the place the girls were having the meeting.

The security men immediately got their weapons and moved to the place.

As soon as the girls saw them,they ran back to their dormitory.The security

men got there and saw no one but they saw their footprints and comfirmed that people really gathered there.

They looked back to ask Folake where exactly they were,but she was nowhere to be found.

They searched round the school till dawn broke with no succes.

But smart Folake achieved her objective

she has stopped their meeting from holding.

The following morning.Folake prepared for school and when she wanted to use the mirror.

What she saw of herself in the mirror scared her badly.

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