Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 11

Esther was known as a very peaceful person in school.As the school leading chorister.She always lived exemplary life and hardly quarreled with anyone.

One that fateful day,Esther was in a queue to fetch water.

just before her turn,

another girl came and put her bucket infront of Esther’s own.Ordinarily,as a peace-loving person.

Esther would have allowed her to fetch rather than quarrel with her but because she was in haste,She refused to allow her.

”i am sorry i cant allow you.i need to get back to the dormitory and finish up my assingment.” Ester explained to the girl.

”Why must it be me that you wont allow when you have been allowing others to fetch?. Amaka asked

”Are you forcing me to be kind to you?

see me see trouble o! Remove that bucket now before i remove it myself,” Ester told her and everybody on the queue shouted at the girl to behave herself because they had never seen Esther querrel with anyone before.


Just then,Folake and benny arrived at the scene,panting because of the run.

Folake already knew that Esther was very angry and so she thought of how to stop her from fighting

with amaka.

Esther and Amaka were poised for the fight,Folake pretending as if she was attemping to hold

back Amaka,gently pushed her aside.

Amaka stepped on the leg of one of the student that was already angry with her

for her rudeness to Esther,and a serious fight ensued between them.Before they could stop the fight,a student had already called a teacher to the was a serious offence to fight in school,

punishable by two weeks of sunspension.

So,their own case ain’t different.

Benny was not happy that Amaka and the girl she fought with went on sunspension.

see what you have caused now,this innocent girls will be sunspended for what they knew nothing about” benny said to her.

”i am sorry,but that’s the only way to prevent Esther from fighting and getting sunspended.” Folake explained

”You should have stop the sunspension entirerly.” Benny replied

”it wouldn’t have been that easy.Those people was sacrificed for this mission to be accomplished.Would you have preferred that Esther went on sunspenction while i faced what i saw in the dream?”. she asked Benny who could not find a suitable answer.

Benny kept quiet for a while,and spoke out.

”I am getting scared of this whole drama.”

Folake assured her that nothing would happen to her.


The next Monday morning was the day the man of god visit the school.Some of the students that were members of the Marine Kingdom refused to go to the Assembly that morning.

they stayed back in their dormitory that morning and hide under their beds.So that the demons in them should not be casted out

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